Sunday, June 01, 2008

Online Workshop Day #2

The attendees were wide eyed today as we moved thru the internals, talked about the $PREM, $TCIK and $TIKI, some even got goosebumps. The MarkB talked about fibonacci levels, retracements and timing. It wasn't until we had a work study on the Black Bar indicator that Mittens got wide eyes, there was talk about changing the name to the Black Bear Indicator since Boomer kept running around barking at the woods. But think we might change it to the Bolze Bar Indicator......ROTFL.

Tomorrow at 8:45am we will start the last day as the ladies from the local charities show up with their best sales pitch, they currently are sitting on around $23,000.00 from the online folks, so stay tuned......

Also pray for the trend day...... :)

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