Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daytrading Workshop followup DAY 13

During the workshop I spoke about as you go back home and think about everything we talked about, all the ideas and nuggets I could find that you would be faced with stiff opposition, and that once this occurred to "YOU", you now would understand where these doubts, questions and the frustration would be coming from. The greater the test would be, the more you would know that you are not just standing in a wheat field looking down on the ground for something to eat, just making it day by day. But that you were now laying next to Boaz and when the new dawn comes, that the doors will be open for you, if you believed in yourself and the power inside "YOU", this new level of blessing would blow you away at this.......

I talked about purpose and struggles and how the next two weeks would be the greatest test you could face you remember this???? Needless to say I didn't understand, at the time, that I would be one of the tested....yet again. But, I will soon have a leg up on it, I might have a stumble once in a while, but by now, for those who were there at the workshop know one thing.... JUST BRING IT ON, I AM READY FOR ANYTHING YOU HAVE!!!, I didn't come this far to just give up now, so I'll prop up my feet, sit back and rest a couple of weeks.....because "THE PURPOSE" is still there.

I do want to thank everyone and if I can ever get thru the emails since the workshop, I guys are the best without a doubt, and that is what makes it so rewarding for me.......and my family.

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