Monday, June 16, 2008

"Thank you for your unselfish sharing of your trading knowledge and experience and additionally to your family for the three day invasion at your home and through the webinar."

"I remember going to my first Robert Krausz workshop in Orlando where not only did I learn new things and garner a few “nuggets” but was equally impressed by the generosity of the trading knowledge given – not necessarily for any monetary gain or “buy this” hustle but a genuine sense of wanting to share and that’s the same spirit you impart."

"If I can add one of the biggest nuggets I got out of the first workshop you talked at with Robert Krausz was “let the market speak to you,” I wrote that down but it was only much later that it really hit me with its value. It said to me don’t try to use workshop indicators, setups or whatever, verbatim, but rather massage them in a way that works specifically for you. We each have different temperaments, emotions, goals, trading frameworks, markets, good and bad days etc etc that we each handle and respond to differently. It has worked for me."

"Thank you once again."

PS Through the Sevier County Humane Society I’m a foster alpha pack leader to Broc, Hill and Temper, pictured below

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