Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mark Braun up coming online workshop

I spend at lot of time checking out market gurus and from time to time I have found some clever ones, but in the end, expose them for what they are. All based on their own facts, deeds and so on.

Also from time to time, I have found someone that wants to help, wants to share good solid information about their little corner of the world and I also like to talk about them. It's not all about BSski on these fakers out there. I have known Mark for several years, and he has worked hard to understand how fibonacci levels can be applied to trading the markets. He takes his time and explains, again and again until the person gets it. Now that is not saying that everyone will get it, but Mark will go that extra mile....day after day after day.

It was in fact, myself that found Mark and convinced both FibonacciTrader.com and Mark that they would be a great match. Mr. Krausz had passed away suddenly and for a year or so, I filled in doing FT workshops. I never wanted to be a guru, I just loved to share my passion for trading to anyone that would listen....and still do.

Mark is having his first online workshop over in Trading Rooms Academy and I think the link is http://www.tradingrooms.com/tracademy/default.aspx you can click on the title to this update to be thrown over there. Mark's workshop will be on July 6 to the July 11th......WOW...and I thought three days was long for a workshop.....:)

He will also be doing a thing on Monday the 30th, and you check out the details at:


If you ever wanted to understand Fibonacci relationship in both time and price and how you can combine your secret stuff and improve your trading....then this is the place to obtain that information without fear of it being just a sales job on you.

I don't recommend a lot of people out there.....LBR for advanced study, Larry Williams for newbies and Van Tharp for money management, but Mark is solid.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree big guy. Mark is great. I have taken his course and it kept me in the trading game. It's a great course. Mark shows a genuine interest in his students understanding the material.

God Bless Ya MB !

Brian said...

Mark's attention to detail in is work has been so helpfull to me during the trading day. Both Dennis's and Mark's work compliment each other so well it gives you that edge you need to make trading profitable.

MarkB said...

Thanks guys! And if anyone has any trouble with the current workshop preview, here's a new version:


And by all means, come in on the 30th. We'll have an interesting session, going over the securities which interest you the most.