Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So who is Roger Felton guy

So who is this guy Roger Felton, he did a webinar from a broker and then pops up on a front-end provider doing another webinar, but this time about find divergence signals instead of auto trading. I guess I will have to dig around find out what the deal is about and if they are any disasters left behind...


Anonymous said...

Roger Felton was with Traders International and was the trading moderator in their chat room. Dont know why he left but Traders International reputation took a beating awhile ago when their moderator Franc Shorz was found to be sim not live trading. I spent 2 days in Rogers room for the free trial.His calls the days I was there where late so that ended my interest. As for otto the autotrading system it gives you a entry signal and you have to manually enter and exit the trades so not very auto to me.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I heard that his entire course would cost close to 5k, and that is without any proven track record from a broker to back up the claims of made in their email of 10-15 points a day in the S&P.

Anonymous said...

oh oh looks like Otto is work in progress

Hello Traders,

The 4th of July holidays are behind us; and, its back to work with some exciting news. There is a lot of BUZZ in the Felton Family these days as OTTO continues to make amazing progress with a new and updated version to be released immanently. If you have or have not observed OTTO, please spend a FREE week with us in our live trading room and watch him work. Simply go to our website ( to register. (the new updated version may be in operation today as Roger spent most of his July holidays with our programmers). Now for more good news!!! Effective today and for a limited time, Felton Trading will offer a special pricing package for the course and full training. Please see below for details.
Regular Price: $4,495.00
Special Price: $3,995.00

Anonymous said...

He was with Traders International a few years ago a partner of Afshin Taghecian. He ran the room for quite awhile and was ousted when Franz Shoar took over that room. Franz Shoar became the moderator and "supposedly" was trading some serious size in the ES swinging in the room a few hundred lots at a clip. Later it was found out that he was on a simulator and this left T.I. with a black eye.

I had actually been in the room when Roger was running it back in 03' he taught the curriculum but when asked if he traded he said no. He just called the signals out. He said he did not trade using the methodology. From what I've seen his indicators are similiar to what was used at T.I. A tweaked Stochastic and MACD. I wouldn't purchase anything from any of these guys. I was left with a pretty bad taste in my mouth after spending $ on T.I.