Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Woodies CCI Club and donations.....

I have published a number of blog updates about the "donations" from the to the Make-a-Wish foundation and for a long long time it was talked about, it was promised, but somehow it just never was verified. It's wasn't verified by Ken Wood, TonyUK or Susan now could it be verified from the charity itself. It seems that everytime I feel like letting the drift off into the dark, one of their moderators needs to bust on me personally. Well that is OK, after all you weren't there in the beginning and you also still belief in all the slogan and the pitch, and that is OK TOO.....

During the workshop this past weekend, we talked about "purpose" and the conversation ended up by saying, this next week or two you will be tested to the Nth degree to see if you are going to advance to the next level. Of course, I am talking about life in general and not just seems interesting that at this point in time, a moderator from the WoodiesCCIClub was to stir up trouble. But that is OK TOOOOOOO.

The post on the blog makes reference to a donation that he must have made, or maybe several, to Make-a-Wish and the fact that his name wasn't included in the "Masters" list. And sure enough it's not included and for good reason. When you make a donation like to Make-a-Wish you can if you like make it in honor of someone. A nephew, niece, a friends child and so on, if you choose. However, the receipt for the gift donation is given to the person who actually gave the money to the foundation for a number of reason, including a taxable donation. A letter is sent to the donor thanking them for the gift and providing details that the accountant will use to take that taxable donation.

The nephew, niece, a friends child and so on...can't take the taxable donation just the donor who gave it. So therefore, it would not be included in the "Masters List"
since it came from another person or entity. I personally gave over 30k to Make-a-Wish and got the receipts to proof it, if needed, those donations were made in honor of Ken Wood and the We had lunch at his Country Club, ate apple dumplings, and spent the day....TWICE. During those lunches Jennifer Rossie (from MAW)came out and I handed a blown up check from myself to Make-a-Wish, but the blown up check said, The Woodies CCI Club....there were blog updates on this, there were 30people present at the time, and Make-a-Wish sent me the letters to serve as a taxable receipt.

This is why my name is not up there either, well there may be other reasons, but that is another story. I didn't give the money to Ken Wood or the or anyone attached to the club, I gave it directly to Make-a-Wish and the kids are sure glad about that I have to think.

"SO TRY THIS"....well now I think you have some kinda answer. But if you gave it directly to Kenny, well then, you might need to talk to him about why your name isn't actually included there...eSignal is.

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