Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trading Rooms Academy online workshop is ready.

The workshop that was held a few weeks ago has been converted and is now ready to be review by the attendees at their convenience, each session can be reviewed and reviewed and reviewed until you fall asleep.....:)

We learned a lot about how to do this and the next workshop, well....we have made some changes, like a trader's console with monitors on so that the mouse can be moved around by the presenters. Cameras that don't follow you around, but stay in place, just little things you learn as you go....

If you attended either here at the house or's ready FREDDY...... :)
Also if you have any problems logging in, please contact and they will help ya.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if someone that didn't attend the meeting can review this. I'm the one that wrote previously about wanting to go to the first work shop, and check out your house, but never got the chance. Well, there is even less of a chance now that I've got some family health issues.