Sunday, August 12, 2007

Workshop details ....well some of them anyways!!!

Here are some of the details for the up coming educational workshop.
PLACE: Always important RIGHT? We will be holding it in Gatlinburg, TN and that is about 50 minutes from the McGhee/Tyson Airport (TYS) just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee.

PLACES TO STAY: There are more hotels and motels here then almost anywhere else in Tennessee. The one closest to "The Educational Workshop" are and in no special order:

Buckberry Lodge located next door.
Bear Skin Lodge located at the bottom of the mountain.
Days Inn, 1109 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN. (865) 436-5811
Hampton Inns, 967 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN. (865) 436-4878
LeConte Inn
Park Vista Hotel

and you can go to and check out all the places available for your visit. The ones listed above are the closest to the "The
Educational Workshop".

Also "The Educational Workshop" will be held on from:
Sept 28, 2007...a met and greet from 8:00pm to whenever at the Brewery which is walking distance from the hotels above.....
Sept 29, 2007...starting around 9:00am we will figure out the best way to actually defind money management for you.....that's right...the MARBLE GAME....and then how to apply it to your own style of trading. LUNCH around 12:00 to 1:00pm all the banana puddin you can eat...then we will talk about the real rhythm of the markets...and some ideas on which one is important. Which came first the chicken or the egg......right now I think you do have the chicken coming first. Around 5 or 6:00pm depending on the conversations.......We will be finished for the day.
Sept 30,2007...the first bar trade and all the little things that you were afraid to ask starting again around 9:00am. Since having a jam session the day before we can now talk about finding a tradable trend.....and how to take advantage of it. Most likely Lunch around 12:00 again. Then we are off to talk about the internals, how to use them to again your advantage, you have the perfect setup....but when do you take the trade......I can show you exactly, if you have the stones to do it.....
Then with an hour or so to go, we will put this all together with a few rules and some simple ideas of trade management and test it on Monday.
Oct 1st, 2007.......Starting at 9:00am Three people from three different charities will be there for breakfast so you can write them a check directly for your fee to see a real hot doggin cowboy daytrader take on the world. You will be able to sit in and watch me trade no holes barred.....real money, real time, with the plan we developed over the weekend.....Maybe we could trade one way before lunch and another way after lunch just to test some ideas..........If m arket conditions are right and no one really knows that in advance I wouldn't be trading a 2 lot....I will be hammering the hell our of the markets.

Around 5:00pm a hug and kiss and off you go back to the real world with some solid ideas of how to develop a trading plan for yourself. There will be some interesting ideas and some surprises...also...


Phil said...

Hi Dennis,

Hope all is well with you. I am eager to attend the workshop. I've got my hotel reservation. But before I get the plane reservation I need to make sure I'm on the list. I responded Aug. 1 to your workshop offer but haven't seen an email yet. Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...


Can't wait.... it's gonna be great!


Miles said...

How do you reserve a spot for the work shop and are there any golfers coming?

Sport said...

Please email me at:

and hope so, there are three courses near here......

Anonymous said...

Iam sitting here in Berkeley ca, on a great Saturday Night watching a
great volunteer effort between Cal and Tenn and wondered what ol' Sport is up to these days. Maybe he's even out here at the game. I see finally the TAL in the new digs, after all the stuff that went on.
Congratulations are in order!!!!
Dan Miskie,(mdan)

Sport said...

A game you grand mother is applying for the coaching job at UT on Monday. I hear they are accepting apps now.


What about that App State and Michigan

tradeonman said...

qHow do I reserve a seat at the workshop. Thank you.

Sport said...

email me at