Friday, August 03, 2007

NEWS ALERT: Mittens walks out from the Woodies CCI Club

NEW ALERT: August 4th, 2007, Anthem,AZ:
Reports are flying that Mittens is the latest to abandon the Woodies CCI Club as she walked out without incident today. Tension ran high as she walked past the inner circle after a closed door meeting this morning about how to boost the attendees after Biggs confessed he didn't trade and has been faking it for years, Biggs wife couldn't be reached for comment.

Reports are also flying that the Mittens CCI trade will be renamed the Dr.Satish, not to be confused with Dr. Satish Namjoshi of Scottsdale AZ., or, Satish Singh, Graduate Student, Molecular and Cellular Biology, The University of Arizona who recently spoke about the Exchange of Proteins on Messenger RNA (Vidya) and Reaction Intermediates in CueO and Its Mechanism of Protection Against Copper Toxicity in E.Coli...that was E.Coli not the CCI. This lecture was hosted by Dr. Gio Bosco. Funny how this stuff just goes round and round...


casey said...

Hi Dennis,

Saw reference to your TAL in Mark B's room. I'd like to sign up if there's space available.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me, although I would imagine that Biggs lost probably 20K trying to trade with just the CCI. For a guy whose pasttime these days is attending Porsche road rallies, I'd say that he kept the whole thing in perspective and never lost enough to hurt his fixed income retirement stash.

BTW, you forgot to mention that the TonyUK clown didn't trade (for long) either. I remember around Sept/Oct 2003 when he did try to trade live in the room while he was moderating. It was clear that he didn't have the emotional fortitude to trade (live or otherwise). But that figures. You can only take a beating for so long trying to believe in something that consistently loses you money.

It is absolutely amazing to me how one old retired fart could convince so many other traders (and still does) that he is right, regardless of the multitude of personal experiences which have said otherwise.

Anonymous said...

hi, dennis,

I am interested in attending your workshop. Do I need to register?


Anonymous said...

Just returned from a few weeks r&r, hopefully you still have room for another at your workshop.