Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ever feel like you are alone?????

Your mind is blank, you're at the end of your rope, you have been trading this leading indicator forever it seems....yes, you have a good day only to be followed by a bad day. But the bad days give you pause and it's hard to get back in the saddle the next morning.

You have done everything but it just does not matter does it, you feel alone in a world of what you think are winners, but watch out for some facts.

1. If the PM's are turned off in then the odds are the place is full of puppets. This is done to pump up the room and at the same time doesn't allow traders to talk to each others. Now, the room owner will always defend this practice by same, we don't allow solicitation. BUT, if that was the real reason, if the PM's were turned on, they would PM a puppet and be busted...think about it....PUPPETS!

2. The Woodies CCI Club likes to say, we don't call trades out, in real time because it's against the law. Fact is, "IF" they are doing to just help traders like they state and are not receiving compensation from vendors, then it's not illegal. There is a big difference between calling out trade setups in advance and about when you would enter, then telling you 10 minutes later...."Did YOU get that ZLR it was good for 4 points, is this helping anyone?"

3. While in a chat room, you see people post that they shorted the market at some number, which also was a few minutes ago, but can't explain in 25 words or less WHY.
"OH, I just knew it was going to fail there." Now, I do agree that if a trader took a trade and then a few minutes later posted it, that would or could be normal since they would have to enter the trade, adjust stops, set targets and so on.....MAYBE even update a trading log.....for goodness sakes. BUT, that person should be able to say, "Well, the so and so was a "X" and this indicator had just crossed this value and the price was at a floor pivot I like that setup." Well, then you could write down those ideas and after dinner and printing out some charts go and have a look see and so on.....

So don't let others get you down, don't let them make you believe you are just a loser because you think they are making it work and you are having problem....the truth might just be that they are retired and living off some fat pension and this is just a hobby and a way to pass the time. Or like Woodie, have your wife work as an executive for American Express while you collect disablities insurance. I have not her of her being at any Trade-A-Longs since December of 2003, guess she even figured it out.

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Anonymous said...

Do you *really* think that Mrs. W missed out on all of those free trips to "worldwide CCI trade-a-longs" since 2003? Think again.

Dennis, W now pumps the room audio to his home webpage. Four years later, you can still hear how he keeps the hangers-on believing he's actually taking trades and how easy it is to use the CCI, a "leading indicator" (puh-lease). Endless supplies of Koolaide to be had.

No real trades are being taken by W. Empty futures brokerage statements to prove that that you'll never see. Just the ones trying to follow and wonder why the heck W sounds like a winner and they're losing their A's off.