Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Which way to go.........

So there you are, it's been weeks, months or even years and you still ain't makin bacon. Your wife and kids stare at you, why does he sit and stare at that frickin computer all day, he ain't makin it.....OH, It's OK son...someday he will give up.

You get the right can papertrade like a pro, but turn it on to live trading and you fall on your face. There are days when you think you are a God and then the next day you find out you aren't. WHY?

You went to this website and that website and then thought you had found the best thing since peanut butter and leaned into it without doing a back could be you didn't know how or you just believed you were to smart to have to do all that work. I mean, you were in the chat room and it seemed everyone was makin bacon all day long. But, where are they now, I guess they made 100 million scalping the SP and left you in the dust.

You brought all the books, attended the workshop they promoted, heck you even bought the video series and still you are banging your head on the desk.....WHY?

What are you missing, you even dropped down from the 10 minute chart to the 9 minute chart then to the 5 and then to the 3minute when you found out everyone was using the 2500 volume chart. So you started using the volume chart only to find out everyone was now using a 377 tick chart and you still ain't makin bacon....WHY?

You started out using the last pivot plus a tick or two, then you went to a 10 tick stop and then to an 8 because someone in the chat room said it worked and still you ain't makin bacon.....WHY?

Of course, I could go on forever on "WHY" you ain't makin bacon but maybe you should pack a bag and come on down to the NO BSski Trading Workshop. If you want to have your hand held and be told how great you are....stay home. If you want to come and tell everyone just how great your stuff is, well unless you fly here in a private jet then....stay home. If you think that you will need to buy something to take home, so you can be a great trader....stay home.

All you need is to have some ideas that deal with actual trading.....stops, trade management, setups, what to watch and which of the 23 indicators to delete off your charts so you can be what you want to are at the cross roads, do you take the path less traveled or do you just folow the others...where 90% fail.



Anonymous said...


The one big difference I see in how you trade vs. everyone who will show up at your trading camp is that you have someone else do the actual trades for you.

There's a psychological difference between being 'the general' and 'directing your troops' to do battle vs. being the one with the gun in your hand and watching the bullets whiz by you as you shoot.

You may discount what I say, but get a heart monitor hooked up to a speaker in your seminar, tell your wife to 'sit this one out' and go get the lunch BBQ ready and we'll hear what your 'ticker' does with 10-25 of your ER2 lots when it's your finger on the button.

You've probably been away from that button so long that you really think it's going to be the same trading experience. It's not.

Now, celebrate THAT facet of your trading in the seminar and tell them how THAT has made all of the difference in the world in your trading. Separating yourself from the trading buttons is what really freed your mind in trading to be your best, not some 1st 3-min bar trade.

Believe me, I'm happy for you. It's just that I see where your strengths lie and how you overcame your biggest control over your account by your own hand.

Sport said...

This is true, I have an order entry clerk, but of course, there is more to it then that.

Each time I traded live I have had an order entry clerk for a number of reasons.....

But I can press the button on a 50 lot if you think I need and frontend products have removed a lot of pain stacking BSski like in the ole days......