Thursday, August 30, 2007

Is this your chart....and you wonder why "U" ain't make'n it

While running thru the emails of the past several weeks and looking for pics to post along with some yada yada on this blog I came upon a classic chart. This is a chart from Jimsy (YOU can click on the chart to see it better).....most don't remember Jimsy, because even though he was one of Woodies butt buddies......back then, he finally found the light.

It did turn out to be a light, of course, as he rode out of the tunnel of smoke and mirrors but it was really just a train coming the other way......and how we miss Jimsy and his BSski. Anyways, even this chart from Jimsy, doesn't have the CCI on it any more....interesting!!!!!

This is not the type of charts you can expect from the workshop, you know let's use 3 moving average and when the blue line is above the cyan line but the red line is below the price then blah blah blah......and we aren't going to use so ATR of the last x number of minutes to decide if the blue dots will after a small red dot is a long or short.......and if lots of ATR dotted range bars mean that it's time for lunch. NO NO I SAY!! fact, I would even like to show you how to trade without any indicator, now how wild would that be????

NO INDICATORS, say it ain't so Sport, but what do I watch then, MARIA?????
Price action and the internals......what is all you need, and since it's just that simple, that might explain why market gurus don't even talk about it. After all what would they have to sell then.

MOSTLY BSski mixed in a secret sauce


Snarkus said...

Yes, I couldn't trade that mess, total indicator overload.

Hey Sport, the house is incredible. I'm thinking of moving soon to a location in W. TN where I can't get broadband. Do you have broadband there, or do you use satellite? I've heard satellite has too much delay for the kind of trading we do.

Thanks in advance.

Sport said...

Full T-1 here.....

snarkus said...

Wow, awesome. I may have to lease an office in Jackson TN to get T1.

Thanks again, Sport.