Sunday, August 12, 2007

Trading results......just the facts please.

We are always scanning the internet looking for the holy grail....just like you do at times. We do it for the humor but you might be doing it actually find the holy grail....
Take this site for instance, 50% winning ratio, and it started on January 1, 2003 with 5,000.00, now we check all we could and there is NO mention of that little word called commission....remember pay when you win and you pay when you lose. Everything looks good up to the 15th and then they played that game.

You you tell you kids to count to 1,000 and then you will ready to go to the mall and they go...1...2...3...4...5...6...skip a few 997....998....999....1,000.

No mention of something we also call drawdown.......hummmmmm..
number of losers in a row.....hummmmmm.

AND NOW IT's FREE........but only when you take the "inexpensive" course....can you really afford it????? Think about it!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Dennis,

or should I call you Sports?

I'm still asking myself, why people sell such profitable systems for free.

Why do they not simply put every Dollar or Euro, or whatever into such a system and avoid the time and effort (money) to search stupid customers?

I still don't get it! Am I missing something? Am I already insane?

Or, yes, it seems to be BS! Yes it has to be BS.


Dennis, I hope that we will meet in person sometime in the future.



P.S.: 9/3/3 ?!

Anonymous said...

I designed a system on cash russel 2000 that is up 35 times or 3,500 per cent in one year. 2000 trades at 5 EACH cost 10K. The program is up 105K in one year.Drawdown....3K. markets don't reflect futures exactly, so there is not a 1:1 trade signal.
secondly..your nerves will give out. LOL