Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well I did ask if you had any ideas you wanted covered....

I did ask for what you wanted to hear and see at the upcoming "Educational" trading workshop on Sept 29th, and I got quite a few emails on the subject. One of the things people want a lot of is during the live "Educational" trading exercise I talk about what I think, feel and see as the market unfolds in front of us.

Also the actual trade management to get the most out of trade. When we run to the hills and get the heck out of Dodge, before the price action turns and hits the stop anyways.

The first bar trade with the third bar reversal, of course, but we will talk that to death in the 8 minute persentation on it during the Sunday session at this point.

Yes you can bring your pool stick, yes you can have the 35 cent tour of the house, no you can't use the hot tub in the back yard, yes you can walk across the bridge and no you can't climb any trees inside the house....PERIOD!!!!

I am developing more of the workshop, some would like ideas about stocks, options and cover calls.......and we can go over that is another 8 minute presentation....OK....maybe more like 10 but we will get there.....

I might but not sure yet, even give a couple days before the workshop to show you some toys or maybe after the workshop on a follow up thing on
Who knows....but we will have a good time and hopefully find that last nugget while walking around in the mountains of TENNEESSSSSsseeeeeeeeee.

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Anonymous said...

Which are the best hiking trails in the area? 2/3 hours, medium difficulty?