Monday, February 25, 2008

Woodies CCI Club and another tough day.....

Before the last Trade-a-Long in Las Vegas back in November there were 16 members in the Hall of Flame at the Woodies CCI Club. Then I mentioned here in this blog that things might changing over there in the land of Wood. Gunter has moved from number 5on the list of Flame to number 3 over the past couple of weeks, but one now could see Gunter move up into the number 2 slot, as soon as the brown shirts see a post in their Woodies CCI Trading University Forum Index under Clints Collection. Seems that after over 2 years of helping, doing whatever was needed, moderating, going to those famous Trade-a-Long at his expense and just plain working his butt off...he has thrown in the towel on the Woodies CCI Club, just click on the picture to read this comments.

Khoon has posted:
Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2008 10:42 pm Post subject:
thanks for the update, do take care in your future ventures

TrinTick also posted:
Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:35 pm Post subject: Clint.....that is pretty discouraging news.....
I am really discouraged now. I thought you were doing well? Woodie has been doing this for years and he says it works. I have been trying to follow the rules of the game to make this work. What have been the problems you are dealing with. Is it just following the rules?

Of course ED, just says, MAN get a grip and just trade the damn pattern......but I have to wonder....who is next?????


Anonymous said...

Hmm...the "post be gone" police have not twigged this yet? And I still see Clint's picture on the front page. That will change. No one is allowed to say that CCI does not work. Even Clint pussy footed around saying it plainly.

I just hope Clint was smarter than me and did not trade real money and lost it all. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

trade real money and lost it all. Sigh.
you? for real?

Anonymous said...

For real. Click my name to read my blog.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some former Cult of Wood (CoW) followers can hire Clint's prepaid legal services to get some cheap consulting toward a fraud class action suit against CoW.

There must be something there: (pocketing paper bag cash, undisclosed insider deals with HotComm and chart/data services, years of fake MAW donations, and of course, worst of all, flouting a fake trading method in the tradition of this country's best shim sham con artists.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post by Bob and Cathy. I too lost money following this Woodies group. So now I'm seeing this moderator never made any money either. This really sucks, I feel like I was lied to. How many more of theses so called moderators are helping others lose money. Are they so desperate for attention that they feel misleading others is ok? I’m so disappointed in Ken Wood; doesn’t this man have a conscience?

Anonymous said...

Discouraged? I don’t blame you. Clint’s honesty is par for the course. Take a closer look at the rest of the Woodies CCI Club moderators and you’ll see that either they don’t trade real money or they don’t use the WCCI method either. Yes very sad indeed. I stayed with Woodies long enough to do some checking and saw it wasn’t for real.

FWIW you should be aware that Ken Wood has never posted a real Trading Statement with an actual PnL. If you are looking for the real deal you need to look elsewhere. All the information on the website is geared for beginners to get sucked into a pipe dream.

The Woodies CCI club is a feeder for accounts to PFG. If you need a better picture of what is really happening you need to rent the movie “Boiler Room”. This will give you better idea of why this web site is setup the way it is with, seminars, workshops, conference rooms, front-ends, and such,.. ALL FOR FREE. Just like fool’s Gold

Is anything really free? After your account is gone, then ask yourself how “free” really feels. LMAO.