Sunday, February 24, 2008


Always believe in yourself, because if you don't, then how can you expect others too. Inside us all is a Lion just waiting to come out, so ROARrrr.


Anonymous said...

I just read a post by Clint in Woodies Forum in which he goes on to say that try as he might he cannot successfully trade the basic CCI. He explains his reasons, wishes everyone well and signs off.
In response to this a reply is posted by 'Ed', quoting the stats from January and how everything looks great and that Clint himself shouldn't quit.
Anyone that knows Clint will appreciate that he is an honest, hardworking, dilligent and intelligent person. He will not have left any stone unturned in his personal pursuit of trading success.
The reason I post this is simple, I saw the title of the main post and never has it been more true.
"Always believe in yourself" and to further that if I may, "the only stats that mean anything are your own!".
Forget how everyone else is doing, about what they boast etc etc, do the work, prove or disprove the theory and then make the decision.
If only everyone were as dilligent as Clint then half of this blog about Woodies wouldn't exist.

Anonymous said...

Well if it’s any encouragement to Clint, he is not alone in his observations. There are many who have also come to the same conclusions. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read between the lines. The posting on Woodies main page is hype. Not one person can provide a P/L to show that Woodies system actually works.

The mantra of “One indicator, one time frame, nothing else”, is pure hype, designed to suck the unknowing into a money making shell game. I’m surprised that people of character have not stepped forward and called a spade a spade. The man Woodie has little if any integrity. The average life span of newbie in Woodies room is about 24 months to see the con-game or till their account is blown out. All very sad. Friend of the late Dr. Famir