Sunday, February 24, 2008

He must be dreaming about all those kids he has helped......

After 9 long hours of flying over the pond with his lovely wife, first class, of course.....and working hard at the Ft. Lauderdale Trade-a-Long/Workshop/Confernce back then between June 11 and the 13th and then having to do all the stuff at the Trader's Expo for his partner, it was time to reflect.

132 times 295.00 and then subtract the cost of the conference room.....oh yea, subtract the internet upcharge.....dang it, we had to have water and crackers for all of them, that was let's see....and those sour things they put on the table, I stopped them from putting down those little note pads and pencils that cost an arm and a leg...thank goodness for that. The tables and chairs, stage, speakers, mic, overhead screen, man am I glad I brought along a projector, they wanted like 300 bucks to rent that damn thing. Ok, the rooms, wine, those meals in the room, wine....,rental car, skycap tip, bellcap tip and don't forget the tip room service, oh yea.....that sweet maid, she deserved a tip.......and wine.....

So let's see, that is about 39,000 give or that and the cost of everything is about 32,000 so that leaves me with..............................carry the 3.....

Just enough to spend the next two weeks here in the states.......screw those whining little snot nose brats anyways.....I need a vacation.

Don't believe it, then line up....FREE KOOLAIDE for EVERYONE. Just check it out, and show me any donation to MAW from the Call and talk to Robin at MAW in (602) 279-WISH (9474)

Or write a nice note and ask them have you EVER gotten a donation from these guys...and the key word is ......FROM.....

Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America
3550 North Central Avenue, Suite 300
Phoenix, Arizona 85012-2127

Now for those who read this blog on a regular basis, it's time, it's time for these guys to fess up......but it's also time for "YOU" to stand up and ask the emperior, himself....SHOW ME PROOF after 5 years. IT's time for you to ask Make-a-Wish yourself. And it's time for you to stand for what is right........IT'S TIME!!!


Anonymous said...

OK,.. I read the post this is such old news. We all know about Tony_Uk and his wife taking the vacation after the Florida trading seminar in 2006, which we all suspect was done with the profits of the trading seminar. Yes the money that was earmarked for handicapped children at MAW. So what? This kind of abuse goes on everyday.

FWIW,.. It’s common knowledge that the profits from all the Woodies Trading Seminars went to the start up cost for Tony Holden’s business called “Talks Live” and also towards Neil Roger’s business called Traders Educational Exchange. So what? Do you really think anyone cares?

It does not take a smart person to see that the profits from the Woodies trading seminars will never go to the MAW handicapped children, it was never intended to. So what? Who cares? I really don’t care, Moderators don’t care, they know this stuff, as it talked about on a regular basis, and the CCI’er in the knowledge loop don’t care either. They are crooks, so what? Our profession is full of them

The information here is just more old news. You crybabies’ will never have a leg to stand on. You need to be satisfied with the token penny off every dollar that is given.
Happy In Chicago

The Insider said...

Wow, where to start. So anon you believe that Sport and others here are crybabies? I do not understand your attitude. If for example Woodies CCI was totally exposed as a fraud etc., and Sport kept writing this stuff, well then he has the problem, but since the club is an ongoing venture, well I just don't see where the crybaby fits in. You have also made a few erroneous assumptions. One is that everyone else's conscience is as vacuous as yours. And yes there are a plethora of con artists and rip off artists in the trading business, but does that mean that it should be accepted and met with silence? Your second error is in assuming that all of the moderators know the inner workings of the "Club", I personally know of two who did not understand some of these thing until they investigated the rumors. Your third error is that you assume that it is "Common Knowledge" that the proceeds went to start up costs. Again, in talking with different folks then and now the majority of those who go to seminars, tals, buy DVDs etc do not know or understand that this is not traders helping each other but Alpha dogs helping themselves to others wallets. So here is the big finish, "Eternity is a long time even for an atheist" what we leave behind in terms of our humanity is far more important than what we leave behind in a bank account. So I hope you are truly happy.

The Insider

Anonymous said...

My posts are not being allowed on the Woodies CCI club forum so I’ll post here.

I have humbly asked Mr. Ken Wood aka Woodie to cooperate with the Arizona Attorney Generals office. They would be willing to act as a neutral third party to help bring closure to the alleged problems of misleading others. I had hoped Mr. Wood would bring closure to concerns raised by those who are asking for simple accountability. However I’m sad to say I have no response.

On a weekly basis Mr. Wood has promoted himself as having character and that all the other educators are shysters and crooks. He has proclaimed how he provides a free conference room while other educators charge money because they can’t trade, yet his room is free because he makes his living at trading. The inference here is that Mr. Wood is passing himself off as a professional guru who has character and can be trusted.

Mr. Wood has publicly stated he does not need to charge for his room and that he makes his living at trading futures. I realize many traders feel this is an outright lie.
There are traders who feel Ken Wood’s unorthodox way of trading is a simple gimmick to lure new trades into PFG’s marketing plan.

The problems come when if in fact Mr. Wood himself can not make his method work and the enticement is simple fraud and is not really a legitimate method. Many traders feel this misleading is not ethical behavior and Mr. Wood is abusing a position of trust. The damage is real and many are looking to seek resolution.

Many of us have visited web sites like Doug Tucker’s at
Mr. Tucker has done an eloquent job of revealing the problems associated with Woodies CCI and Ken Wood. Mr. Tucker is not alone as there is a long list of those who have left and they are not short on bad thing to say about Ken Wood aka Woodie, whether it be his method or the abuse of the position of trust.

If Mr. Wood would just step forward and clear these matters it would bring closure and remove the mistrust. This brings us to a very interesting situation as Mr. Wood’s silence on the matters at hand is raising tons of suspicions. By simply providing one year of trading statements along with his tax returns, this whole saga would be over in any instant. If he is actually the man he says he is he could shut everyone’s mouth in an instant.

If he is telling the truth, why does he allow the CCI club to be dragged through the mud?
His behavior is very selfish as it undermines the thousands of hours of work done by traders to build the CCI club. This is so disheartening especially when the resolution is so simple, simple if he has nothing to hide.

If he really cared about all the money he raise on behalf of MAW why does he allow the cloud of doubt to remain which hinder the efforts of many who felt this was a legit organization? His silence hurts the very children he purported to care about? This is unbelievably insensitive.

Why is this so hard for him and why take such a strong resistance to accountability if you are telling the truth? When did the truth become so unpopular? Ken Wood if you are the man you say you are, you could silence your critics instantly. Mr. Wood your actions are suspect you are giving creditability to those who feel you are untrustworthy.

You need to step to the plate and be the man you have led us to believe you are or pull the plug on the whole thing and shut it down. Richard_AZ