Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What happen in Vegas.....didn't stay there

I'm not sure what happen in Las Vegas at the Rivera Casino, but things just ain't the same now at the WoodiesCCIClub.com. I mean before the Trade-a-Long....there was 16 members of the Hall of Fame. Now one would think that if you earned your way to the Hall of Fame, it's forever.

They didn't know out Reggie Jackson when his candy bars stopped selling did they? They didn't throw out Pete Rose after they found out he was betting on ......oh, that is another story. Hold it, they didn't leave Pete in...now did they? Guess that is why Dax never made it in to the WoodiesCCIClub.com Hall of Fame.

But it looks like Gunter who was number 5 before the workshop, you know it was a workshop...RIGHT. In plain English that means.....you come and they "work" you over to "shop" for more toys. He is now number 3.....great job Gunter.....

So now there are just 13 people in the Hall of Flame, is this whole thing starting to go up in smoke and who will be next????? Oh yea, welcome aboard Sylvia, personally can't wait to hear ya tell us just how much money you are making trading with those 80% winners.

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Anonymous said...

Ok where is the rest of the wannabes? I’ve been in Woodies room for several months and from what I can tell, not a one of theses moderators trade real accounts, It appears they are just pretenders, why are they putting on this facade? Come on Mods step forward and show that your the real deal, or quit "Fronting"

Your making fools of yourself. Waiting For Truth