Friday, February 15, 2008

The Soup Opera at the Woodies CCI Club

The past several weeks have been interesting for me, it seems that after the last Trade-a-Long in Las Vegas at the Rivera...things over in the have
not been the same. I personally would have loved to have been a fly on the wall, at least, during those dinners or side meeting....whatever. I guess because I have had some issues with the, a number of people have found this blog and emailed me about all kinds of things that goes on over there. The folks that used to defend their actions have stopped after the spying incident in my password protected chat room on hotcomm and now the emails are more about....what do you know, have you heard this and that and so on.

My only issue with the and Ken Wood is very very simple, so follow along.......back in 2003 during those paltalk days, I personally found the club to be an interesting group of folks, spending the day networking in what one could easy call a lonely business. Then came along a move over to, which we could now see charts and all kinds of goodies.....the group continued to grow on a weekly basis.

So here was this guy, an older fellow and he seems to be working overtime to help everyone, when he asked for help with this and that it wasn't soon until someone would step forward (for a number of reason I am sure) and volunteered to help out. I remember the first conference in Orlando, 150 people showed up from all over country and I am sure a couple from overseas, the energy level was truly a sight to see. We laughed, talked, busted on each other and of course listened with open ears as Hoot talked about the Square of 9. Woodies spoke and after it was all over, there was a few bucks left over. Susan and FishandKill decided to give the money to MAW because of his granddaughter (I believe) which was the plan at the time

Get together, meet and greet, share ideas and after expenses give the left over money to MAW for the kids......WHAT A GREAT IDEA. It wasn't long before there was talk of having another one, this time in Las Vegas just before Christmas of 2003. I was now involved in the club because I believed that it was just what it was. This fellow bringing people together in a lonely business and sharing ideas and helping kids. Traders helping Traders, what could be better then this, so I volunteered to help moderate and even helped Susan figure out how to get the conference in Las Vegas off the ground. I was so excited when Woodie asked me to speak, but what could I speak on, after all it was Woodie and his indicator so I spoke on being a vessel, how things flow thru one person into another for the good of all. I even flew the private jet down to Scotsdale and picked him up, I also had Jennifer Rossi and a lady (can't think of her name right now) come to Las Vegas and speak about MAW, Susan found that one of the fellow serving the food/drink table had a wish granted for his daughter.

The event to me was just amazing.

While in Las Vegas, I attended a meeting in Dr. Famir hotel room with the core of the club, now Woodie didn't speak but other did about how the club should move the time, I guess I had either stars in my eyes or smoke in my ears because it just never registered. When Woodie decided instead of having these big conferences that he would travel around the country and have smaller events called Trade-a-Longs. This way, he could help people one on one, so to of course, I was right Chicago at the very first TAL. It was about the same dog and pony show that was presented in Las Vegas back in December of 2003 but that was OK. I got to go out to dinner and talk to guys that I got to know in the chat room and spend most of the time talking to my broker that had paid for the entire event, trying to promote the next market guru.

I guess it wasn't until Hoot came to the back of the room and handed Woodie this stack of money wrapped in rubber bands, after everyone gave him cash at the door, because again, there wasn't any bank account, this wasn't a business, no credit card machines, etc., just this fellow helping (Traders helping Traders) but when Woodie took the cash he said, "This is going to work out better then I thought". I have to tell you my heart dropped on the floor. Why would he say that???? So I waited, fearing the worst, but praying for the best. I waited and waited, now if it was me, I would have gotten a certified check or money orders from the 7-11 whatever and met with Jennifer Rossi and gave her the donation, took a picture and then would have posted it on the WoodiesCCIClub website....HEY LOOK, see what we are doing just take a look, it all because of you folks that we can help some kid out there.

In fact, I did a couple workshops, If you remember and had promised to give my cut from the workshop to MAW, that is how committed I was and I am sure that is how many many more people have felt over the years. After the workshop I flew out to Scotsdale and we had lunch at Woodies Country Club, the famous apple dumpling dessert luncheon...and of course, Jennifer Rossi was there and yes, we did indeed take a picture of me giving the blown up check to Jennifer with Woodie proudly standing right there...WHAT A GREAT MOMENT. But that was before the first TAL that Woodie had, it was before the cash at the door moment. So I waited, waited and waited for this proud moment when Woodie would say, "Listen, I just had lunch with Jennifer yesterday and gave her a check for $XX,XXX.00 and take a look at this picture, you folks are the best". Did that ever happen,.....NO!!!

So then came Denver in Sept of 2004, and by then it was about over, because I had gone to Monterey Bay, CA around the 13th-14th of June for the next TAL and saw the same dog and pony show. New faces helping out, Gio and her husband were doing their very best to help people, Barbara and Susan were trying there best and on and on. Woodie was suppose to speak at the Denver workshop, but that deal never happened, but what did happen is again a donation after the workshop for my cut and a check to MAW...posted for all to see. That is what people expected, the amount wasn't in was the fulling of an idea.

Since 2004, I have been watching this soup opera/dog and pony show continue to have people step forward to help, for the common goal of Traders helping Traders. And I have seen the list of people banned for whatever reason or just drop out...or maybe even worse blow out continue, do I realy care.......not at all. I don't care if this is only about making money, being a market guru and on and on. The best part about America is someone starting a business and making it grow into something bigger then life. What I do care about is the fact, that since 2004 that Woodie has raised the Make-a-Wish flag, waved it high and wide, stating that he is helping the kids, raising money so their dreams can come true.

But has there EVER been any record of him giving the money left over from these conferences, workshops or Trade-a-Longs. Now he has teamed up with PFG, dumped eSignal, Sierra, IB and whoever so they would promote him, and that is just good are made everyday, do I care......not a all. As part of the deal with PFG, he turned over the workshops for them to handle, Peregrine Charities and that is great, I really don't think the Wasendorf family, would in any way, do anything off color just to promote some market guru. They would have every little to gain, in the big picture, and alot to lose if things went south.

Since then, people has lost track of the idea, where did all that money go before PFG came into the picture and took over handling the Workshops, we know that TonyUK flies over (first class) with his wife to hook up the internet, we know that during dinners, like in Las Vegas, $195.00 bottles of wine were served as they laughed and joked the night away, well that is now.....but what about back then. What about back when this was all just this fellow helping out fellow traders, and giving it all to MAW......what is the only problem I have and continue to have with the If you are doing it to make money for whatever reason....go for it. But if you are using the backs of sick and dying kids to promote yourself, that I have a problem with.

Alot of people have the same problem it seems, more then ever, I am truly amazed not only at the number of emails but the attitude in the emails and I'm not so sure that I would like to be around when this finally hits the fan. I have long ago left the WoodiesCCIClub once I saw that things were not just the way it was being advertised. Since the last Las Vegas workshop, it appears that things are heating up. If, some how, some way, there was an accounting as to were all the money went, and we have to be talking about a couple hundred thousand dollars, before PFG got involved and it was shown that...indeed money was given to MAW "BY THE WOODIESCCICLUB" or Ken Wood himself, from all these Trade-a-Longs then I would be the first to say, "That is so cool, why did it take so long and I am sorry".

As far as the deals with all the vendors, click thru or whatever to make money, I could really's about those kids.....and his PROMISE. If after all, you make that covenant and don't even try to live up to it or you become part of that covenant in believing that it's about helping traders and helping kids and then you find out it's not....what do you do. If you can't show or find the donations from the Trade-a-Longs before Peregrine Charities, then you have to think about what kind of self worth you have....what kind of people do you want to be known can you continue to be part of the muddy water, that is why I think so many people are now leaving and are not leaving in a good mood, they have looked in the mirror once to often

Nothing may never come out of uproar currently going on, he might never have to answer for the missing donations from the Trade-a-Longs to Make-a-Wish, but if he has far away do you want to be? Do you really want to be standing next to him, when "THEY" start to ask questions? I'm sure Barbara won't.....or Alan......but it's really just what about you.....what about the company you work for, if your bosses find out that they could be involved, how would they be towards you. If your company has direct ties, how far would they go asking you questions. But worst I guess what if....just what if...Nancy Grace or 60 Minutes showed up are your door....asking questions.....for me it just about those kids and where did the money go from those Trade-a-Longs, the rest of it is just noise.......


Anonymous said...


From recent posts here, it's looking like another round of K-drinkers have finally come to their senses. But there seems to be an endless supply of lemmings from the 50+ something crowd who think they know more in a few weeks of being in his room than those with 5 years+ of knowing his modus operandi.

Anonymous said...

wow, can u imagine if he charged $3000 at the door

Anonymous said...

I hope Karma catches up to him. He's just another con man committing fraud. He should be treated as a criminal.