Monday, February 04, 2008


NASHVILLE, TN - In a stump speech to The Amputees of America, Senator Hillary Clinton approached the podium trailing a length of toilet paper from the leg of her Wal-Mart designer pant suit.

It wasn't until several minutes into her speech that she noticed the two ply off the side of her left shoe. In what could be a pivotal point in her campaign she neither acted embarrassed nor surprised, but continued with a shrill scream… “And if you send me to Washington, as your President, I promise you I will clean up the mess left behind by George W. Bush.”

The spontaneous uproar from the crowd was so loud, it was hard to tell whether they were chanting, “You're number one!” or “Was it number one?”

People leaving the hall were still abuzz as to whether it was Charmin Ultra Strong 2-ply diamond weave or Charmin Basic 1-ply. Either way, they all agreed they were witness ‘to an inside the beltway moment’.

An angered red faced Bill Clinton, said, “It is clear to me that this is a ‘vast wipe ring conspiracy’ against Hillary.”

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