Monday, February 18, 2008

A comment about the

This was posted back over two years ago, some things change and some things stay the same.......
"Moderators, as well, come and go. You seem like a nice person, misguided, but nice. Do yourself a favor... ask woodie the following questions:

Why doesn't he trade live at one of the TAL's? I will bet u he will respond that it is against the law. Ask him what law? He will say that the lawyers have told him not to. What lawyers? Ask him why he can't lock the door to the room where the TAL is held and allow no one to access their account by way of phone or internet (hence no way he could be accused of giving trading advice). Why doesn't he prove he can trade with no possibilty of retribution of violating any SEC laws by doing this in private with TAL attendees? Every attendee can sign a statement they are watching a trading demonstration - this will eliminate the problems woodie says will happen with the SEC. Will he do this? No way. But go ahead and ask. I guarantee if I posted this in woodie's room it would be erased in seconds.

After that conversation with woodie, ask him about the moderators who are no longer around. They were valued memebers of the "team." Where are they now? If they were good enough to teach wcci, why do we not hear about them anymore? Where n any of wodie's articles does he mention any of them by name? Where are they given the recognition that they are the ones who make woodie's room work? An occasional thank you from woodie is not enough. Woodie is travelling the world on the backs of what the moderators do for him, and paying for suites with money that ought to be going to MAW. WTF is that all about? Woodie may be a nice guy in his own mind and in yours too but why must he say this all for free when he won't admit what the deal is?

Ask about TAL funds. Ask why the expenses can't be posted. Ask who would be embarassed by the accounting.

Ask me why it's any of my business. Because woodie makes it all of our business. He asks us to come to the TALs for our sake and for the sake of the kids. Now i'm not concerned about my trading - i am concerned about the kids. Woodie told us we were helping the kids. I want to know to what extent. Every charitable organization has to account for it's spending. Where is the accounting? Woodie will say he's not a charitable organization. Ask why he has to hide behind the one organization that will pull at he heartstrings of us all?

Ask why, ask why, and keep asking why. Then ask why some more. Ask why in the main room and see how fast you will disappear. I'll ask you why it would be so terrible of you to ask these things in the main room. This is not private information. This is information all of us who have listened to woodie and paid money to him should be entitled to.

Ask woodie why Tony has to fly in from England. He doesn't moderate anymore, he doesn't contribute anymore. Check out who owns the "woodie" website. Maybe that will give you a clue. Just make sure someone doesn't trip over the plug. Keep him happy at whatever cost. And at any cost do whatever it takes to make sure woodie looks good."
Then ask why.
Friday, August 05, 2005 12:32:00 AM


Bob and Cathy said...

Dennis, you couldn't take my name out of this? I feel silly enough! LOL.

Once I realized what was going on, I left and tried to find a lawyer who would take my case as a class action. No luck since I am just about flat broke. The CCI saw to that.

What really gets us is that Esignal did not do the right thing. Why are they scrambling to prove money actually went to Make A Wish? Well it is likely because they never sent the money to them?

Why is there no proof of donations other than the two that Peregrine made on behalf of WCCI? Well because they were not made in all probability?

Why did Pergrine drop WCCI and PFG/Best took over running the TALs? Could it be there was no money left over for charity as advertised?

Why did you tout "all profits go to MAW" if they don't? That is what bugs me. If you make money at this, that would be ok if you told the truth. But why the big old lie?

I know a lot about what went on at the CCI club. And eventually it just was too much and I had to take action so I could live with myself. It was that $600 Club that finally did it for me!

I know a few people besided me who lost their life savings and retirements following you Woodie. You should be ashamed of yourself.

And Neil, you should be ashamed too. For telling people's personal account information to others. I really thought you were not supposed to do that?

I know you guys read this blog.

Anonymous said...

A simple lookup determines who is the 'registrar' of the web site:
TonyUK, is indeed British and resides in the UK. Where is incorporated? US or UK. Where are the accounts filed and taxes paid? Who are the shareholders? Presumably Woodie and TonyUK are the 'owners' and therefore one of them will have to be declaring 'overseas' earnings.
Totally agree with the main post. Why?????

Anonymous said...

I attended the New York Traders Expo last week and happen to be close to the Genesis FT booth where Woodie was talking loudly to an attendee about the fact that the SEC doesnt allow him to post entry prices of trades --where have I heard that before.
Is he no longer affiliated with PFG?

Anonymous said...

Responding to Woodies comment …[“the SEC does not allow him to post entry prices”] pure BULL Sh__. I’ve been in lots of rooms where the entry price is posted. Anyone who knows the CFTC 4.41 rule understands the trades are to be view as hypothetical, LOL

The real reason Woodie does not post the entry is because his method does not work. He has been shown this by former members time and time again, which he usually boots from the room. It’s a simple con-game to suck new trader into his shell game.

It’s a shell game, posting actual entries would expose the falsehood.

Just do the numbers yourself and see the real motive behind the con-game. Thirty six trading seminars since 2003 at an average price of $395.00 with approx 100 attendees equals the 1.4 million. Not bad for a guy who can’t trade. LMAO…. The newbies at Woodies are the cannon fodder to make the markets move.

Hey we need guys like Woodie after all who is going to take the other side of our trades? … ROFLMAO