Saturday, February 09, 2008

WE FOUND A DONATION.....we found a donation.....

Well after 4 yeras of searching we have found a donation to Make-a-Wish, all you need to do is click on the picture so you to came see it for yourself. Wow, in 2007 a donation was made to a local chapter of Make-a-Wish in of all places....UTAH. How could we have missed that one......UTAH......WOW!!!!

The donation was in the amount somewhere between a thousand dollars and thirty-five hundred but's a donation none the less. We are dancin on the desk top around here....FINALLY.......we found a donation in the name of the CCI Club.


CCI Club??????, It says CCI UTAH....well that must be a mistake then, let me google "CCI Mechanical Utah". Oh never mind, dang it, there we thought we had found a donation turns out there is a company in UTAH guessed it:

Well we will keep searching to see if there is anything out there....anything at all.


Bob and Cathy said...

After all these years all Woodie can come up as receipts for donations to MAW is two? He is quick to answer everything in the chat room he spies in. But on the donations he is silent.

Come on woodie, fess up to the fact the club is a money making operation for you and tony. Confession is good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

Who Cares? I couldn't be Happier with all the money I'm making with the new Range Bars, Thank You Woodie!

Anonymous said...

Nice of TonyUK to post :)

Bob and Cathy said...

And pretty soon you will be losing money on them there range bars too.

If people lie to you on one thing....what makes you think they tell the truth about anything else?

Sport said...

The only question I have is this.....those who know me and have known me for years and years....from the days back with Larry Williams and LBR..know that today I don't trade any different then I did back then.

The ECO and STOCH are still set to the length, the spread is still the same spread (as so known as the secret sauce), the internals are still being used that same way as I did in 1997 after attending a LBR workshop. I still use plain old price bar on the 233, 377, 3m and 15m charts. I have not found the need to use the 9m chart to front run the ones using the 10m chart.

Just the same old stuff, day after day after day after day and they seem to work over the long haul. Friday afternoon was a day from hell, but that happens, and people in the chat room saw it first hand.

The "ONLY" reason there continues to be all these advances in research has nothing to do with trading. It's all about marketing for the next trade a long...oppps, the next workshop and the koolaide line just keeps moving along.

I do love the part about how he invited Range Bars and is the only person that truly understands them. We all know how Al Gore did after he invented the internet, that was all a bunch of hot air also.

Phil said...

I did some research on Al Gore's creation of the Internet. Turns out he never claimed he 'invented' it. But as a congressman he got to spend money on it's development and co-sponsored a bill that allowed its first commercial use. See

Anonymous said...

One time frame, one chart, one indicator, ... and you don't even watch prices. A beginners dream come true? Does sound too good to be true? Well it’s a great place for novice traders to lose there money. In conversations with all his moderators, there's not a single one of them who make money doing the system the way Woodie teaches. Woodie himself can not make money trading the way he teaches as his tax returns show his income is from a disability income. Woodie makes his money by hosting seminars in the name of handicap children and never turns the money over to them. He does not trade, doesn’t have to. Woodie has hosted around 36 seminars and has brought in around 2.1 million. Verify it yourself; a simple phone call to the Make-A-Wish reveals the above observations to be true. Woodie is under investigation by several legal entities and the IRS has raised eyebrows as to where the money is.
Check for yourself …Al

Anonymous said...

For those who try to justify Woodies behavior (Missing Money for MAW) by claiming they make money using the new fad called range bars shows incomprehensible foolishness of an idiot and coward

Point One: Any trading method will make money sometime, even if it is unsound. If the method can stand the test of time like traditional methods then there’s validity. In this situation the historical track record speaks for itself. Every person who has come in contact with Woodie for any length of time has left,. or they speak very ill of him and will explain quickly where his method is missing it. The main issues revolve around the absence of understanding fundamental concepts. Without which new traders are doomed to a slow death of a thousand cuts. The attraction is similar to fools gold. And beginners can not tell the difference. Because Woodie propagate the false hood that he trades (Which he doesn’t) novice traders leave the club thinking they were not cut out to be traders when in reality is the method that’s to blame. How sad.

Point Two and the bigger issue: To ignore the FACT that money is missing that was raise on behalf of disabled children for Make-A-Wish and to think the success of your trading is justification for these atrocities, speaks volumes about your character. Who are you? This callous behavior on your part shows just how far your parents missed the mark when they raised you. What kind of evil deeds have to be done to warrant your involvement? How many innocent children have to be abused before you stand up on behalf of defenseless children who are being exploited? Not only are you a fool but a coward as well. …oldtimer

JAB said...

You can say all you want, but George H.W.Bush swears he gave Barbara, a six string pearl necklace and Andrea Mitchell is 99% sure Alan wore his Rolex that day.

Anonymous said...

You'd think that Woodie could take some of that money he's stolen and get his teeth professionally whitened. Is that too much to ask?