Saturday, February 09, 2008

Make a Wish national data base and eSignal

Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "Woodies CCI Club and what am I missing.........just the money...":

"Woodie claims that Make a Wish does not have a national data base so thats why WCCI not showing. I guess Woodie reads this blog all the time because every time something is said here about him he talks about it in the chat room. Someone in the room asked about the dvd's if they could write it off as a donation. Woodie said no write off as a business expense."

This comment that was posted makes sense, after all you are buying a product from a LLC. Only the LLC is promising to give money to the charity and it would be a business expense. The funny part is, there is this blog that shows some of the noise or problems out there with the Woodies CCI Club and then there is the chat room that we are in each and every day talking about trading, setups, and related things, busting on each other and enjoying the day without fear of saying the wrong thing and getting kicked out and banned. Most of those who came to the workshop in October are still in there during the week as their schedule allows and we have seen some new blood come in.....nice to have a newbie once in a while just to keep it fresh. But some of the things that are said in the chat room at the expense of the Holder of the Wooden Shaft are not talked about in this blog, so the only way the Woodie would be talking about a national data base is if one of his brown shirts was in the chat room everyday.

Now I did a blog update on just this a while back, remember the Judias post on December 2nd, 2007 where I talked about one of the vistors in the chat room? The only way for Woodie to be worried about this national data base thing is because Judias is sending a report back to Land of Wood. That's OK, Woodie did exactly the same thing back in 2004 while his brown shirt morans were busy spying in all the hotcomm private password protected chat rooms. We would talk about the cash at the door for the Chicago 2004 Trade-a-Long and Woodie would be answering the question within 10 minutes in his main chat room. We talked about the donation that was never made for that Trade-a-Long and Woodie would come back, again within 10 minutes and talk about how much money was raised.....$80,000.00 has been given to Make-a-Wish. Not given, but raised being the key idea here......

So for Woodie to be defending the party line about a national data base would only be normal if he does continue to do what he has done for the last "X" number of years, in his own words, "JUST TRADE THE DAMN PATTERN".....ROTFL.
I do remember back when he had this deal with eSignal, you know, sign up from "MY" website so you could get the partnership discount. The same discount as everyone else was offering at the time, but that is another story, and eSignal will make a donation guessed it.....Make-a-Wish.

Either there wasn't a whole lot of signer uppers, the amount of the credit to the Woodies Make a Wish account wasn't but a pocket change OR worse. I mean, there doesn't seem to be any record of a eSignal donation on the Annual Reports from Make-a-Wish either.....not in 2003.....not in 2004.....not in 2005....not in 2006....and not in 2007.........just type in "annual report make a wish" in google and check it out yourself. Make sure you also include the year you would like to "annual report make a wish 2004".


paul said...

for your information the Mr Wood will be speaking at the Traders Expo in New York later this month on the CCI Navigator.
Wonder if I can give a presentation someday on just using old fashioned price action.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...did Esignal make a donation or were they asking each person who downloaded the CCI software to make a voluntary contribution? I am not so clear on that.

Woodie was always asking for donations to MAW in the room. If these were not made in his name specifically, would they show up? I know I made a few small donations to MAW over the years I was there. And I did specify it was for WCCI/Ken Woods.

Anonymous said...


Check to see whether or not there was a donation to MAW by "Interactive Data Corp". They're the parent company of eSignal. If you don't find their name on the list, then the whole thing is a sham.

Anonymous said...

The sad part is the issue of corporate greed and just how low theses vendor will stoop to make a dollar. Obviously they can be categorized in the same category as the Wasendorf family who run the PFG brokerage that keeps the propagation of the Woodies deception machine rolling. Wasendorf who publish SFO magazine pander themselves as being morally upright yet their actions reveal are nothing more than “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. By keeping the Woodies CCI deception machine rolling it reveals their words are a smoke screen of deception.

I did simple phone calls to the various local chapters where the Woodies seminars have been held, and it’s true,.. no donations on the local level and most have never even heard of Woodies CCI Club. I then called the National MAW headquarters and spoke to the Legal Dept and guess what the money amount they have on the books does not jive there either. So I did further investigating and found Ken Wood’s tax-return does not show the seminar money either. However I did find Woodies income is not from trading but disability income. Strange eh?. Especially after he tells everyone how he makes his living from trading. This whole thing has too many red flags. I would think the members of the CCI club would stand up and ask for accountability? I’ll be curious to see how long PFG will keep the deception going or if they break ties with Ken Wood of Woodies CCI and try to restore their tarnished image. Former member ... Doug

paul said...

ly to Anonymous regarding Woodies tax return--I dont know how you can see another persons return but Woody uses his IRA to trade so he does not have to report his trading income

Anonymous said...

Why would someone use an IRA when they are retired?

How do you get to see someone's tax return when they are a private person?

How do you find out someone is being investigated?

Inquiring minds want to know?