Friday, March 30, 2007

Woodies CCL Club and auto that new???

Back in April of 2004, I flew to spend a day with a TS programmer one on one...face to face, and worked over the idea I had about using the CCI in my auto trading. It took a while but talk about a "HOLY GRAIL COW". Now, this was one reason that I got a bug up my ass when we found out the guys over in Woodland were spying on our private chat room in hotcomm. One day, Woodie even posted a chart of prices with the stoch on the bottom....and said that was an accident and we was testing stay ahead of the world.....everyone stood up and gave him a cheer..WAY TO GO WOODIE YOU ARE THE GREATEST....well so was P.T. Barnum. I had been trading my little auto system with TS for a couple of years before that event and had put the CCI on the chart...when the computer would pop off a trigger for a trade....I would only take it if the CCI was in a certain worked just fine for me.

Take yesterday as an example......first bar was a loser.....third bar reversal was good in getting it back...(YES THERE ARE LOSERS, OK). Then the ZLR setup with the stoch at the top.....and when price took out the high of the setup bar we were long and applying the same rules as with all trades...half off and BE.

At point "A" price didn't confirm the setup.
AT point "B" price did confirm the setup for a long trade.
AT point "C" the stoch was not in it's oversold or overbought condition.
At point "D" the CCI was below zero during the open bar.
At point "E" price did confirm the setup and using the same rules it seemed to work.

If woodie was the straight up guy you kool-aide lovin people think he is...I might have given this to the club to use.......but he made the mistake of posting "THAT" chart in his room.....(there was several blog updates on this back then by the way, so I'm not making this up today), now Woodie is "TESTING" TS. So first it was Sierra for a few bucks a month ...keep those expenses down. Then eSignal, no need to talk deals here we all know by now. Then on to PFG, but now it's TS on the horizon....from paypalk which was free, to hotcomm which wasn't to hotconference which is free but can be relabeled so you can have a private a room and he can sell it for BIG BUCKS.

Auto trading is not new....and where is the Duke of Earl, he was working on this using eSignal, remember all those weekly upgrades.....well we all know the stories by now. TESTING MY BACKEND!!!

Whatever happened to trading....this afternoon in the room, the only thing going on was Josey Wells (not being played by Clint) playing music from movies. There was one post that had us rolling on the floor....

The first bar trade worked hell of a short setup.....and a long into the close.......and this guy was up 90 cents.....that makes BoBCathy look good at Walmart doesn't it?


click03 said...

Love your Blog D. When I am not feeling well I come here to brighten my day. I have also learned a great deal. I use your 3min open bar trade when my other indicators are in agreement. I don't know your sto settings but have had pretty good results.
I am going to Knoxville next week. I will keep an eye out for you.

Anonymous said...

I think hylas bummed it up perfectly with this quote:

"I've got a long way to go and short time to get there."

Welcome to the world of desperate CCI traders: long on belief and short on common sense.

Anonymous said...

Man I love this stuff. I was once smitten too. Anyway, from just following you in the different rooms we all bounced too, along with just plain ol watching real time I figured the stoch too. You gave this trade and told me to listen to "Ruth" series. Thanks.

Wish I knew where you were now, miss the live wise cracks.

Anonymous said...


I got my strategy to match your strategy. However I am not too sure about the numbers I got regarding my strategy report. I would like to bounce those numbers off of you. Could I email you the numbers so that I can know that my strategy is somewhat close to you?


cathy said...

Who needs autotrading when the FBT works so nicely....and what is this "Ruth series"?