Thursday, March 01, 2007

CCI what does it can mean alot of things...RIGHT!!!

What does the CCI really stand for you ask.....well here are a few examples.
CCI Cable Constructors, Inc.
CCI Cable Consulting International
CCI California Cars Initiative
CCI California Compensation Institute
CCI California Correctional Institution (Tehachapi, CA)
CCI California Criminalistics Institute (California Department of Justice Forensic Science training institute in Sacramento, CA)
CCI Call Centers International
CCI Call Charge Indication (European ISDN)
CCI Callable Convertible Instruments
CCI Calle's Custom Icons
CCI CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Citation Index
CCI Cámara Colombiana de la Infraestructura (Spanish)
CCI Cámara de Comercio Italiana
CCI Cambodia Communication Institute (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
CCI Camera City Inc.
CCI Cámera de Comercio e Industria
CCI Camosun College International (British Columbia, Canada)
CCI Camping Card International
CCI Campus Community Initiative (UC Berkeley)
CCI Can Combine Icons (software)
CCI Canada Composting Inc.
CCI Canada Customs Invoice (exporting)
CCI Canadian Carpet Institute
CCI Canadian Circumpolar Institute
CCI Canadian Classification of Health Interventions
CCI Canadian Condominium Institute (Toronto, ON, Canada)
CCI Canadian Conservation Institute
CCI Canadian Copyright Institute
CCI Canadian Crossroads International
CCI Canadian Culinary Institute
CCI Cancer Care International
CCI Canine Companions for Independence
CCI Capital Commercial Investments, Inc.
CCI Carbon Composites, Inc
CCI Cardiovascular Credentialing International
CCI Career Care Institute
CCI Career Coach Institute
CCI Carlson Companies, Inc.
CCI Carolina Computing Initiative (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC)
CCI Carrefour Canadien International (Quebec, Canada)
CCI Carrier Controlled Intercept
CCI Cascade Cartridges, Inc. (rimfire ammunition manufacturer)
CCI Catholic Council of India
CCI Cattano Construction, Inc. (Apex, NC)
CCI Ceccone-Clermont International, LLC (Ashton, MD)
CCI Cellular Communications Inc.
CCI Centa- city Index
CCI Center for Citizen Initiative
CCI Center for Civic Innovation (Manhattan Institute)
CCI Center for Clinical Investigation (Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society)
CCI Center for Collaboration and Inquiry (University of Akron; Akron, OH)
CCI Center for Collective Intelligence (MIT)
CCI Center for Community Inclusion
CCI Center for Community Informatics (Loyola College; Maryland)
CCI Center for Community Interest
CCI Center for Community Involvement
CCI Center for Creative Instruction
CCI Center for Cultural Innovation
CCI Center for Cultural Interchange
CCI Center for Customer Insight (McCombs School of Business, University of Texas)
CCI Central Coast Internet (NSW Australia)
CCI Central County Inland
CCI Centre Chief Instructor (skydiving/parachuting)
CCI Centre Culturel Islamique (French)
CCI Centre de Commercialisation Internationale (Canada)
CCI Centre du Commerce International
CCI Centre for Cellular Imaging (Sweden)
CCI Centre for Change and Innovation (NHS Scotland, UK)
CCI Centre for Change and Innovation (UK)
CCI Centre for Clinical Informatics (University of Cambridge, UK)
CCI Centre for Clinical Interventions (Australia)
CCI Centre for Computational Intelligence
CCI Centre for Construction Innovation (UK)
CCI Centre for Cultural Informatics
CCI Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (Australia)
CCI Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Western Australia)
CCI Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Western Australia)
CCI Chambers of Commerce and Industry
CCI Chambers of Commerce of Ireland
CCI Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie
CCI Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie (France)
CCI Chambre de Commerce Internationale (French: International Chamber of Commerce)
CCI Charge Contrast Imaging
CCI Cheshil Consultants, Inc.
CCI Chess Collectors International
CCI Children Challenging Industry
CCI Children's Camps International
CCI Chinese Christian Internet Mission
CCI Christian Camping International
CCI Christian Challenge International (Pineville, LA)
CCI Chronic Constriction Injury
CCI Chronic Coronary Insufficiency
CCI Church Careers Institute (Centenary College)
CCI Circuit Components Inc.
CCI Citrix Certified Instructor
CCI Classical Civilization Courses
CCI Clean City Initiative
CCI Clear Channel Incorporated
CCI Climate Change Institute (University of Maine)
CCI Clinton Climate Initiative (William J. Clinton Foundation)
CCI Close Combat Instructor
CCI Co-Channel Interference
CCI Co-Counselling International (Ireland)
CCI Coastal Catchments Initiative
CCI Coca-Cola Içecek (Turkey)
CCI Code Consultants, Inc.
CCI Colegio Científico Integrado (Guatemala school)
CCI College Campus Initiative
CCI College of Communication and Information
CCI Colorado Counties, Inc.
CCI Colour Confusion Index
CCI Columbus Chemical Industries, Inc. (Columbus, WI)
CCI Columbus Circle Investors
CCI Comic-Con International
CCI Command and Control Identifier
CCI Command Capability Issue
CCI Command Control Interface (MSR)
CCI Command, Control and Indication
CCI Commanders Critical Information
CCI Commercial Communications, Inc.
CCI Commission for Climatology (WMO)
CCI Committee for Citizen Involvement
CCI Commodity Channel Index
CCI Commodity Components International
CCI Common Client Interface (Sun J2EE/JMS)
CCI Common Code for Identification (European Commission)
CCI Common Content Inspection Developers Group
CCI Communications and Creative Industries
CCI Communion of Churches in Indonesia
CCI Communities of Common Interest
CCI Community College Institute
CCI Community College of Indiana
CCI Compact Compression Ignition
CCI Competence Center Informatik
CCI Competition Commission of India
CCI Complete Configuration Interaction
CCI Complex Carbohydrate Intolerance
CCI Compliant, Compatible and Interoperable
CCI Component Concepts Inc (Newberg, Oregon)
CCI Comprehensive Community Initiatives
CCI Computational Crystallography Initiative
CCI Computer Careers International
CCI Computer Carrier Interrupt
CCI Computer Composition International
CCI Computer Consoles, Incorporated
CCI Computer Consultants International
CCI Computer Crime Initiative
CCI Computer Crime Investigation
CCI Computer Crime Investigator
CCI COMSEC Controlled Items
CCI Comunidad Cristiana Internacional
CCI Concours Complet d'Equitation (French: complete equestrian competition)
CCI Concrete Countertop Institute
CCI Condensed Curriculum International, Inc.
CCI Configuration Control Index
CCI Connection Control Interface
CCI Connectivity, Compatibility, and Interoperability
CCI Conservation Consultants Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA)
CCI Consolidated Client Infrastructure (HP)
CCI Consolidated Contracting Initiative (NASA)
CCI Construction Cost Index
CCI Consumer Co-Op International
CCI Consumer Confidence Index
CCI Container Corporation of India
CCI Contaminant Control, Inc.
CCI Continuity Check Incoming (CCS #7 & ITU-T)
CCI Continuity Check Indicator
CCI Continuous Commodity Index
CCI Contracted Configuration Interaction
CCI Control Components Inc. (Rancho Santa Margarita, California)
CCI Controlled Critical Impact
CCI Controlled Cryptographic Item
CCI Convergent Communications Inc.
CCI Convex/Concave Index
CCI Copie Conforme Invisible (French: Blind Carbon Copy)
CCI Copy Control Information
CCI Core Club International
CCI Corinthian Colleges, Inc.
CCI Cornerstone Concepts, Inc.
CCI Corporate Claims International Ltd
CCI Corporate College International
CCI Corporate Communications Institute (Fairleigh Dickinson University)
CCI Corporate Communications Interactive
CCI Corporate Community Involvement
CCI Corporate Concepts International, Inc.
CCI Corps Commun d'Inspection (Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations System)
CCI Corrado Club Italia
CCI Correct Coding Initiative
CCI Corrosion Control International
CCI Cotton Corporation of India Ltd.
CCI Cotton Council International
CCI Country Coach International (RV manufacturer)
CCI Cour Canadien de l'Impôt (Tax Court of Canada)
CCI Cour canadienne de l'impôt
CCI Cours de Chefs et d'Instructeurs
CCI Crafts Council of India
CCI Creative Chemistry on the Internet
CCI Creative Controls, Inc.
CCI Cricket Club of India
CCI Crop Country Inventory
CCI Cross Cancer Institute
CCI Cross-Channel Interference
CCI Cross-Cultural Institute
CCI Crown Castle International Corp.
CCI Cultural and Creative Interests
CCI Custom Chrome Inc.
CCI Customer Called In (tech support call logs)
CCI Customer Care Information
CCI Customer Care Institute
CCI Cyclo-Camping International (France)
cci Cortical Impact Injury

Of course, then there is this one........I guess we are expanding that business model a little here......Anyone know where the chat room is, I really do want to learn how to swing trade!! The part about past members wishing to re-start is great..I remember "ONCE", Woodstalker asking everyone to come on back, ALL was forgiven and the rooms would be open to discussing the different ways to use the CCI.

Just goes to show you what happens when your sugar levels get to doens't it????

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Anonymous said...

Constantly Changing Information
Can Chatter Incessantly
Corrupt Civilian Indicator
Corpulent Conniver Indicator

Hmmm...these all kind of describe