Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Woodies CCI Club and it's all free...come on in let's talk

So Woodie has been on the hammer lately about owning.....owning...owning a chat room company called TalkLive.com. I agree he owns TalkLive.com but let's not fool ourselves now...OK. Since you can't PM anyone in the free room and want to talk privately with your close friends about how to trade and other things having a private room makes a lot of sense....now doesn't it? BUT.........

All he has done is re-branded hotConference.com product for you.....while paying them $29.99 a month for a private room he is reselling it to you for what again? Oh yea, $49.99 a month...no no that's not right. $89.99 a month sound about right..RIGHT? $129.99 a month.....no that ain't it either....$149.99 a month, not that's how much it cost for TS I think? $199.99 a month......$219.99 a month....$249.99 a month.....$289.99 a month.....DANG.

Going Going GONE....for only $300.00 a month you can have your very own private password protected chat room and also have TonyUK being your tech support for you...now that sounds like a deal to me. With TonUK and his group being tech support I feel comfortable that he wouldn't be spying on anyone.....now would he? Wonder if you bitched about something or someone from the main free room in your private room would the head master kick you ass out the door......not that hasn't happened before.

OF COURSE.....if I think back and heard someone say...."This is a business you have to keep yours expense down, that's why we ain't using eSignal, they are to expenses."
Oh oh.....we use eSignal now and I guess we got over that one...RIGHT?

OF COURSE....if I think back and heard someone say...."We are just traders helping traders and there will be better trades down the road." I think it might need re-worded......We are just a couple of old guys helping ourselves and there will be better and better deals down the road for all of us.....(meaning W,T and G.)

The Woodies CCI Club Kool-aide line is waiting, please take a number PLEASE...


Anonymous said...

W is the world's biggest and best freeloader. On that you can always depend. So there's no problem recommending eSignal because he doesn't pay one nickel for the maxed-out $400+ per month package version he uses.

Dennis, with 90% of at-home futures traders failing year-in and year-out it only stands to reason that there is a constant, FRESH supply of suckers to be duped.

cathy said...

Dennis sweetie, you have this slightly wrong. It is only Tony and Woodie. GB is not in the "inner circle". You can leave him out of this.

What really got to me was the $600 room Tony and Woodie tried to push. That just really bothered me. Something was fishy.

tonyuk said...

Hey W's just trying to make a dime, profiting from the misery of others. Who in their right mind would pay $600 for a product thats available for free or for a few bucks per month.

If Woodie dosnt rob em someone else will LOL

Anonymous said...

I agree Cathy. For me, personally, GB, Dennis and Barbara made the biggest difference in my trading. Nothing I got of (trading) value from any of them had anything to do with the CCI.

If GB were in another room, removed from "the W infection", I bet we would have seen a LOT more depth of insights from him. Man, what a class act he is...the kind of integrity you only seem to find from the once Depression Era kids.

I had been in a few chats with him late at night, after HE was gone and if you asked the right questions, showing what you had done above and beyond the CCI garbage, you got great counseling from GB of whether you were on the right track or not. GB was a lot more insightful in his comments about trading when he saw that you were catching on and going past the basics, doing your own work, asking the right questions.

Too many people were hung up on the "30 degree 34 ema angle" nonsense that GB only meant to say as a guestimate. Sheesh, talk about anality in trading among newbies: countless hours wasted on a silly point because of newbies afraid to lose money without some kind of feeling of a "near-prefect filter" to give them some guts to take the trade.

In the case of HIM, all you would get is an indifference if you showed something new/original and, if you happened to disappear from the group, and HE realized that your stuff was good, it would all of a sudden be incorporated into HIS work, without nary a mention of where HE got (in his case, stole) the ideas from.

We all know (Dennis reminding us of this in his blog as well) all of the material HE ripped off from Barbara Starr (i.e., no acknowledgement of TAKING) but few knew he ripped off the X number of bars above or below the CCI to change bias idea from GoingLite.

Hey Dennis, I still laugh my arse off to this day when I remember seeing Biggs (during one of his sessions) going short the 1st test of the low of the day on the ER with a -1250 NYSE TICK reading because "the CCI told him to short". He got stopped out in seconds while the ER2 proceeded to shoot up 3 pts in minutes and had absolutely no clue to what was going on. Not his fault, but when you get garbage-in and HIM looking at that kind of setup, a man of 25+ years of trading experience, sitting back and saying nothing...you're not trading with "traders helping traders". ['Cause Cathy..."traders helping traders" don't EVER let their trading friends sell -1250 NYSE TICK prints!]

There were a lot of good people (including Biggs...super nice guy) in that group. We were all misled in one way or another. Dennis already knew the trading game at that point so he didn't get duped that way. He got duped with HIS real intentions for having the group in the first place...what a sociopath...through and through.

gb007 said...

I was advised you had made some comments about me so I thought I would check. Just thought I would set the record straight and let you know I am not, and never have been, associated with any profit making activity of your favorite chat. I've been fortunate in my trading and have no need and really do care about helping people succeed in this business. I do think, however, shooting from the hip with unfounded accusations is at least as bad as what you accuse other people of doing.

Anonymous said...

This is my opinion only but after having left woodster's room in disgust back when the Cheese so eloquently ripped him a new unmentionable word beginning with "a". You would think woodster might show an ounce of regret for all his shady "where did all that TAL money go???" activities. But no! He has taken it to all new levels. He tried to create a new monthly fee room while at the same time discontinuing moderation in the free room. Gee , I guess all those clueless 1 week old traders won't feel too pressured to cough up the dough at exactly the time when they should be watching their expenses. Next he has some monkey auto program that all can make fortunes with by signing up with PFG (after of course also signing up for the fee room). Can we spell "sounds like kickbacks". After the new room's dubious legal contract nixed that one, the woodster has now announced a new wonder product called the switcher to put those 1 week traders' P/L's on steroids. Oh and by the way, the switcher will soon likely be embedded in a room front end that room traders can lease monthly. And here my friends is the grand finale... drum roll.... You can now go to an online woodster store to choose from some 400 items proclaiming the glory of the woodster. Of course proceeds will go to charity... 15% of them that is. Can we all do a group chorus singing what a crock of some unmentionable word beginning with "s".

Anonymous said...

Previous anon poster, I must correct something you said. It is not called the "switcher". It is called the "WoodieSwitcher"...and don't you forget it! ;-)

Of course, same old thing has happened: this time, two nice, well-meaning guys, deep in the clutches of sycophantism, take their hard work and hand it over to HIM to keep the market engine running at full steam. Like all the rest (me included, of course), they'll wake up one day to a reality they didn't want to believe.


Dennis, at the risk of sounding like a sycophant myself (towards you), my wife and I just got through a plan review for the house we're having built (not custom, typical run-of-the-mill planned neighborhood stuff). We're putting about 30% down at closing but I turned to my wife and said: "Do you realize that our mortgage is going to be only about $50,000 more than JUST THE WINDOWS PART of Dennis's dream house in the Tennessee mountains?"

I'll get there one day Dennis, but it's a humbling experience to know the stakes you play for every day vs. my small lots I trade with to reach that $500 a day goal.

cathy said...

400 WCCI items eh?
I would like to see some toilet paper with "you know who's" face on it.
Now that I would buy.