Sunday, March 11, 2007

We took a poll.............

A poll of NAACP members think the spouse of Barack Obama, Michelle, is more black than Hillary Clinton’s spouse, Bill, even though some say he was the first ‘black President.’

NRA members would rather hunt rabbits with Elmer Fudd, followed by, Ryan O’Neal; Dick Cheney was a distant third.

The National Weather Service said it would take a category 3 to mess up Mitt Romney’s coif.

A survey of the senior class at Trump University, We Teach Success, found the following:
---96% thought Kucinich was something Popeye ate to make him stronger; the other 4% didn’t answer the question in the allotted time of five minutes per question.
---100% knew where Anna Nichol Smith was buried, the name of the cemetery, the plot number and her vital stats.
---the other questions and answers are immaterial, since, they required the use of a pen.

If you want more media coverage in a day than Biden, Edwards, Dodd and Richardson combined get in a week, be a student at Duke University, and tell anyone who cares, that you don’t like your father’s third wife. “The real news is bad news”, Marshall McLuhan.

Canadians overwhelmingly favor John McCain to be the Republican nominee for President according to the American Legion of Canada, Kentucky.

According to TV Guide, John Murtha, Tom Delay, William Jefferson, Dan Rustinkoski and Bebe Reboza are the people, readers would most like to see on ’Deal or No Deal’.

The 1994 Republican Contract with America co-authored by Newt Gingrich did address ‘accountability to end the cycle of scandal and disgrace’, it did not, however, mention affairs of State.

Psychology Today, in a recent article, said successful day traders regardless of their sex are more likely to have stones between their ears rather than between their legs.

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