Thursday, March 29, 2007

The chicks are in Cleveland to settle a score or TWO!

The brackets are set.....we are down to just three games left in both the men's and women's college basketball season and tonight the UT Lady Vols are settling in at the hotel in Cleveland as the fans will begin to arrive tomorrow and into Sunday afternoon for the perfect storm. It's been a great season no matter what happens over the next couple of days....Bruce painting himself along with some team members....Pat singing Rocky Top to a sell out crowd.....Last minute wins and last second losses are just part of the game, it's the same with trading you know.....some days it's just like that...then some days it's like the game on Tuesday night with MSU.....a blow out. Couldn't do anything wrong and made a pile of money....Trading and sports "in general" are the same....having a plan, excuting the plan and so and losers.

Of course, we are hoping for a National Championship on Tuesday night in Cleveland, but if it's not meant to be....that's OK too. We have traveled with the team several times this year.....flew with them, ate with them, sang Rocky Top with them and learned that they are just kids.....18, 19, 20 and 21 year old kids.....enjoying life and all it has to bring. They play with heart....and with pride as they know they are a reflection of a long line of players who have gone before them....yes they have pride......and this weekend it's not about one player....but about playing as a team and showing the world what they are made of, as a team......and the Pride of the South.

We'll be back on late late Tuesday night......with a lot of pics and caughting up to do, but until then have a great weekend and GO VOLS...."you will always be home sweet home to me"......

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