Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Meanwhile back at the is still shakin time.

Shakes are sold by the square and because of the scale of the house we had to use the thickest shakes on the market, around 1.5 inches on the thick end of the shake itself. The arched window created another problem with the wind and rain there is up here on the mountain, so each piece had to be cut one at a time...clued and then say this took a little extra time is a mild understatement.

The cutter would pick thru the pile of shakes trying to use all they could, but in the end we had about 15% waste....which turned into starter wood for someone elses fireplace....:) The office area has turned out very my opinion and we are pleased......With the cherry picker the guys are working on the copper roof system on the overhangs around the house......and every square inch of copper is watched like a hawk watching a bunny rabbit running across a yard..........

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