Tuesday, March 06, 2007

CCI pattern that just might work!!!!!

From an email I received this morning and how not all patterns are created equally. So give it a try and check it out...after all this is truely FREE!!!!
Hello CCI Traders,

You are cordially invited to visit our new CCI Traders room at http://www.ccitraders.com and our free live moderated chat room with live charts. We use the new Trading Rooms software for our live chat and charts that can be found on our website.

We will teach you about the CCI Edge, Money Management, Psychology/Mental Framework, Statistics and Market Dynamics.

I was a Woodie CCI Club moderator for the last 2 year before branching off on my own....I can off you some great insights on CCI trading other then "just trade the damn patterns" which sounds good but is not the most effective way to trade the CCI patterns.

Any questions you have regarding the use of CCI trading will be answered by us in a relaxed and patient atmosphere.
Thank you


Anonymous said...

Yea but they don't make money.

Anonymous said...

It's not about them making money, it's about if you can make money,

Anonymous said...

Oh it is all about them making money.$50 an hout to teach you to trade, althouth they themselves can't trade.But they are going to teach you to trade?That doesn't sit right.Let's see some 1099Bs posted.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me at least TW is more truthful than Woodie about his "fees"....and that coaching thing is only for the people who need to have their hand held.

TradingRooms.com is free. The chat is free. And all the moderation is free. So are the videos and tick replays and website.

But as to a trading record, TW is not going to have much as he is only trading for 2 years. No guru ever posts their stats. Does this tell you something? If you can't make money trading, then you have to charge for lessons.

CCI Babe said...

I don't think that if you charge for lessons, that you are not making money trading. That is one of those leaps of ILLOGIC.

I am sure that if you asked TW, he would be more than happy to show you some proof that he makes a living trading. And $150 for 3 hours is nothing compared to what most of the "gurus" charge.

And the room is FREE and very relaxed and focused on trading. Try it you will like it.