Wednesday, March 07, 2007

CCI The Snowman Show melts in a puddle a'tears this afternoon

Well there I was I logged in to listen to The Snowman. A Famir here and a GB there, a Vegas trade that became a Shamu which was really a ZLR..........and all the while....the price held a narrow range. It wasn't pretty watching it unfold.

What if they had used price with there setups for a trigger.....what if??? It got to the point where the TAL promo started.....60 attendees and 10 moderators all coming on their own dime....THAT I CAN BELIEVE!!!!
TC will be doing a yada yada spreadsheet, "The trade-a-longs are great, the price is right and you need to come", Snowman said. He continued by saying, "That ALL MODERATORS trade for a living.".....hummmm. He then played his Happy Trading song as the day ended.......with tears in my eyes.

Just wish I had a nice tall glass of Woodies CCI Club koolaide to enjoy as I listened to Roy and Dale sing.............whislting.....


cathy said...

That is a cute slide show you put on Dennis.

Nothing ever changes over there at Woodie's Club. Except maybe me leaving for good.

You were right.

cci dufus said...

Cathy you left your guru?!! so now where can I go to listen to your raspy sweet voice?

cathy said...

No where man. I am fed up to the gills with chat rooms and not involved with a single one.

And that is a great feeling!

(Yep just tradin' all by myself while waitin' for Dennis' color to process. LOL.)

PianoMon said...

It was never about me being right or wrong, it is about the way that business model was developed and while they were pretending to be just this old guy helping others it was really about building a business model that could make money.

While promising to donate the left over funds to MAW, they took cash at the door. All the expenses were paid in full by others because they also, at the time, believed. I couldn't believe it when HOOT gave Woodie the rubber band pack on money (30k) at the first TAL and Woodie said, "This is going to work out better then I thought." SO I waited and waited and being a donor myself called and talked to my contact in Scotsdale and nothing....ZIP!!!!

I had already invited Woodie to the FT workshop, as a guest speaker, to show how by using the CCI along with the ECO and Stoch you could improve your odds when he asked for $2,500.00 as a fee plus his expenses. That I believe was the last straw for me.

I admit that I fell for concept of traders helping traders and better trades down the road...getting together to share ideas and network. After all it's only another trader that can really understand what a trader goes thru each day. I admit being part of the program from the paltalk days..the first conference and working to put on the second one, all the while still believing.

But, after seeing what went on behind the scenes in Chicago and then the Woodie group actually using a backdoor in hotcomm to spy on other rooms and steal info on how they traded plus asking for a fee........WELL...the rest has been history.

We are just normal people who wanted to be part of a group and help where we could, share what he know and enjoy each others company.
Shame on him for taking advantage of so so many good people....he is truly a false profit.

PianoMon said...
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Anonymous said...

hi dennis
time to come and moderate a session at


PianoMon said...

Interesting post there about me doing a yada yada in TW room.

Well, first let's talk about why I did it Woodies room first and then that might help you understand somethings.

There was a fellow named Ricky that on Friday afternoon moderate the room once Woodie was done for the day. Now Ricky is a very nice guy...he is funny...he is real and he is a loose cannon. As I sat there listening and watching the charts (3m at the time) and seeing a short setting up..maybe a few minutes away...RICKY would say, out of the blue, Ricky going long.

Well, he would be hammered...and then he would go short, saying things like well if the long didn't work then the short will. During the afternoon Ricky would take 20 trades and most for no reason according to the RULES at the time.

I personally could not stand it, why is this guy allowed to moderate I would ask the guys over in a private room we had..WHY!!!!!
SO, I started to do the Friday afternoon thing just so Ricky would not be there. The main reason was for the newbies....if they follow along taking real live trades off this fellow, well it would be a disaster to say the least.

After the Vegas Conference I was suppose to moderate on Friday when I got a phone call from the Imagination Library over at Dollywood that Dolly herself was going to give away the millionth book at noon and we could come and have lunch with Dolly and a few hundred of her closest friends...:)

So off we went....and had a great time, but back the Woodshed things were out of control because how dare I just leave and why wasn't I moderating and on and on. After I got back and found out what had happened ....I was like, HEY....the last thing I need is a fricking job and I owe these people NOTHING....PERIOD!!!!!!

Of course, by mid-May 2004 I couldn't take it any longer so I again did a spot on guessed it, Little Ricky was back.

So I have been down that road a few times. Besides it would not be fair to TW and his folks because I use the CCI as a componet of my trading...I don't trade with "JUST" the CCI...who does?

I trade using Fibonacci levels and other toys....and that would not be fair to DrBob, Gio and certainly not TW.....these folks will do just fine and without me talking about banana puddin all day.

Anonymous said...

hi dennis
there are some traders who would like to hear about your banna pudding etc......+ its open mike on fridays.

cmon give it another shot.......
we will be waiting....
have a great day ..

CCI Babe said...

If you want to stop by and say hi, just PM TW in CCI Traders
or email him at

Anonymous said...

yep, definitely agree. just pop in and tell us a bit about your fib cci mix... and perhaps some of your latest jokes ;-)

PianoMon said...

Thanks for the invite....
BUT, I use eSignal to drive my FT program but not eSignal itself and certainly not the current template
(Version 21 build 987), which is what TW's room uses. For that reason it wouldn't be fair for the people wanting to learn the CCI and how to trade with it.

Again, I only use the CCI as part of my trade setups and management and to find new trades. Ya'll are doing great in the room and it should stay pure......

PianoMon said...

AND "NO" to find new what I meant to say....dang it!!!

PianoMon said...

"NOT"....dang it again.

Anonymous said...


We all knew that one day you would realize what was going on and see things for the way they really are. But, like us, when you're caught up in being part of (and defending) a crowd, the independent thought process gets short-circuited. Sooner or later though, self-preservation enters the picture and you snap out of it (or leave because you go broke).

Take Biggs as the perfect example. Here's a guy who I would say is the stereotypical at-home successful futures trader wannabe who has already "made it" in life, is retired and can afford to lose 10K a year on his "hobby" without it affecting his lifestyle one bit. Now, didn't it bother ANYONE a smidge that this guy couldn't make the CCI work on its own? I mean, he was the most diligent praticioner I saw (who told you what really happened with his CCI trades): patient, willing to take loss upon loss to "see the light", respectful and mindful of just about everything "the master" told him and he still couldn't find an autopilot setting for the majority of days to be overall winners.

Here's why people are fooled by the CCI: it works great in strong trends...but what never dawns on them is that just about EVERYTHING momentum-based works great in strong trends. But those market events happen too far and few between the regular price action and guess what the majority of CCI-only drones do? They ignore price action and market internals and give the same weight to the patterns they see develop on the CCI.

What has Dennis tried to show in his blog? There are many examples where he shows good CCI patterns that should have been ignored because the price action is lousy.

To this day, whenever I see a one-way market day, I think: "great, here's a day where W does "the seminar" at the end of the day where he shows all of the perfect CCI signals to make a killing in the markets. Well...duh! That method and hundreds others made a killing too! But that's what all of the phonies do...pick perfect market days to show how their system worked perfectly.

If 90% of the at-home wannabe futures traders fail then that means that 90% of chat rooms are full of losers. They're all there looking/guessing for the 10% in the room who aren't and then try to copy everything they do in the hopes of getting in that 10%.

The better road to take is getting your edge through a lot of intense hands-on research and then putting your ideas into practice. You refine as you learn more about price action and the market internals. It's okay to have a mentor, but that person is not going to push the button for you, so snap out of it and realize that nothing rubs off on you that will stick until you put faith and confidence into your own hands to control what happens with YOUR money.

Dennis has some good ideas but he's not the be-all / end-all either. He'll freely admit to that and encourage you to find what works for you.

You have to lead yourself down the right path. Following someone else doesn't work.