Saturday, February 10, 2007

Woodies CCI Club and nothing more!!!!!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Woodies CCI Club and nothing more!!!!!":
Woodie was foaming at the mouth, by stating after the fact, that this trade was called.
He called it the GB100, trend line break. What a liar, and he fooled about 400 newbies in his basic
chat room, and then he ran around to all the other rooms foaming that he had made 70 ticks and what have you all been doing. And then , he started bad mouthing the other rooms as losers. What a liar, and a moron.

Here is the data, typed up the best I could.

02/09/2007 open high low close cci
11.40 816.90 816.00 816.90 -33.76
11:45 817.20 816.70 816.90 30.22
11:50 817.40 816.80 817.30 73.78
11:55 817.60 817.00 817.40 108.39
12.00 817.50 816.80 817.00 73.48 Called GB 100 trade after the fact, trend line break.
12:05 817.20 816.40 817.20 44.27 Took credit for entry on the GB 100 close price
12:10 817.20 816.40 817.20 44.93 Note uptick on cci, plus 6 cci bars above zero, negates GB 100 plus possibility of a zlr, caused many to close their postitions for - 2 ticks at least.
12:15 816.90 816.40 816.70 -18.73 Note this is the 7 th bar, but 6 bars were above zero, meaning there cannot be a gb100, as that pattern requires it must decline before 6 positive bars print !

If this was a true gb100, I would be cheering, but his lying about it, has totally turned me off.

I am unable to post a chart and do not know how, nor would I be allowed to post in this blog, maybe you can post one with the count showing. This was obviously a er2 5 minute chart. Check it out and draw your own conclusions.

Keep up the good work.


PianoMon said...

You can post charts and opinion as long as they have value or sharing ideas and so on.....

But posting BSski, now that is a no no......:)

Phil said...

It's missing the 34 EMA so I can't see if it has "good slope" in the GB sense of the word, but it otherwise looks like a good GB100 to me. The return below the 100 line has to happen before the sixth bar start printing or the trade does not trigger. If your going to trade the GB100 get your trading information from traders (i.e. GB) not posers (i.e. Woodie).

GB's stop would be at 817.3 and then (per GB's rules) you supposed to sit back, relax, and let it either hit the profit exit (based on GB's procedure) or get stopped out. No further thought should be required. In fact, any further thought would do nothing but loose you money and otherwise cause you to have a bad day.

But my question in all this is what keeps a competent veteran trader like GB in the Woodie camp? How does GB stand being associated with Woodie and that club? I'm sure there is a good reason why he is there. Could you share with me what that reason is?

ziggy stardust said...

Why is GB there? GB has his own little chat room now in the woodshed. I guess it is heady stuff having the adoration of fools.

Anonymous said...

Phil, you may be right, but GB does not disclose the GB 100 in his own words. However, the GB 100 is listed in Video format in the website. If you follow the video, according to Woodie's narrative, the gb100 should not have 6 bars printed based on the item 5 arrow showing in that video. So it is not a valid gb100 at least per that video.
Now why is GB in this new chat room, that I do not know.