Tuesday, February 27, 2007

When Washington met Hollywood

When Washington met Hollywood
The Academy Awards wasn’t the only event that took place in Hollywood this past weekend. Some highlights of the ‘other event’:

HRC2008.com came with her posse – you know State Sens.Robert Ford and Darrell Jackson of South Carolina. She was all smiles - admiring the bling on Ludicrius & 50 Cent - until Missy Elliott joined them. Our source tells us, Hill’s panties got in a bunch when Missy Elliott commented on Hill’s pantsuit looking pretty hip-hop, reminded her of the 70s Soul Train TV show.

Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson said that Senator Obama should not only denounce the remark but donate all his Missy Elliott CDs to charity. A source from the Obama campaign, who requested anonymity said,” if they want to get down and dirty, we may have to bring out the hot pants and white boots photo from the 60s Hullabaloo TV show.”

‘I’m Al Gore, and I’ll have a blimp in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade’ - drinking a mai tai with a save the Rainforest umbrella, muttering to himself, “I’m Al Gore, and I could be the next mayor of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.”

Dennis Kucinich & John Edwards nearly came to blows - Edwards not realizing he was talking to Kucinich said, if was elected President, universal health care would be available to everyone including busboys like him.Forunately, Reese Witherspoon was able to get between them.

Christopher Dodd – looking proud as an endangered peacock with a -‘Save the Whales’, button given to him by Robin Williams - obviously didn’t see the fine print,‘especially the ones from the Nutmeg State.’

Mel Gibson drinking non-alcoholic Manishevitz with Senator Ted Kennedy - sipping wine from a decanter - were huddled in a corner. Mel talking Aramaic to Teddy, who seemed to understand, claimed he was totally reformed and was supporting that fine Jewish gentleman from Delaware, Joe Biden.

90 year old Hungarian Bombshell (the visual gives you the shakes) Zsa Zsa Gabor could not attend - husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt was there in her place. When, he told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - he thought he was her father - she gave him the gavel with,”Hey pops go change your dirty adult diaper and maybe we’ll talk when you’re a king.”

Governor Bill Richardson of Arizona told Tom Hanks, Al Sharpton (no relation to Zsa Zsa’s husband) and Matt Dillon he would be willing to take a DNA test to prove he was not a descendant of Lou Costello, if it meant getting more of the Hispanic vote.

Campaign strategist, Bud Abbott 111 had no comment.

David Geffen - showing off his shampoo and conditioner souvenirs from the Lincoln bedroom to Senator John Kerry. He was brought to tears when Geffen showed him a shoe shine cloth with the White House Seal on it.

Congressmen John Murtha (D-PA.) and William Jefferson (D-LA) - by the buffet table stuffing their pockets with ‘pigs in a blanket’ - Murtha was overheard saying,” I hope no one is You tubing this. “A spokesman for Jefferson said his freezer was getting empty.

Senator Barack Obama - getting an earful of advice from Michael Richards -telling him the White House is in a good hood and would make a fine crib for him and all his relatives and that Jackie Chiles would make a fine Attorney General in his administration. When Obama reminded him that Chiles was a character in Seinfeld, Richards ranted –“that’s my point, you people think you know everything”. He was escorted out of the room by Jimmie Dy-No-Mite Walker, screaming, “Doesn’t it count that I’ve got the CD Christmas Collection of James Brown!”

Brittany Spears wandering around in a daze -“where’s Paris, where’s Paris?” Senator Robert C. Byrd from West Virginia with a lip lock gaze put his tender frail arm around her waist, squeezed gently, looked into her eyes and whispered in her ear, “My dear, Paris is in France, it’s the capital.” Brittany kicked his walker leaving the poor old Byrd flat on his face as she sang, ‘Oops!... I Did It Again’ - an American Idol moment.

Cigar smoking Bill Clinton talking with actress Ellen Pompeo(she in a red dress) the intern in Grey’s Anatomy (oh no déjà vu, all over again).Warren Beatty stepped in to warn Wild Bill, that Hill was in the room.

A spokesman for Clinton, said he wasn’t even at the event, “it must have been someone from Saturday Night Live.”

The evening ended with Barbara Streisand singing her rendition of, ‘America we are Beautiful.’



greger said...

The each is own... but I really enjoyed this blog when it was all about building the house and sharing trading knowledge (and I suppose a little woodie bashing here and there) BUT I personally don't enjoy the political satire, there are plenty of places to go for that if you want... my 2 cents.

PianoMon said...

Well, if you have been a reader for some time, you know that I do live a very active life. The past few days I have been in Vegas for a Glen Campbell concert amoung other things and having lunch and a few dinners with some trading buddies. Last night I was at the Boy Scout Award Dinner for 2007 where Senator Frist received the Citizen of the Year Award.

Tonight, we were at the UT basketball game with 24,007 other screaming fans as they beat the crap out of UF. Pat sang Rocky Top in a cheerleader outfit that she wore while a cheerleader, Peyton was there singing and even coach Fulmer was in the crowd.

So you see there is only time for some many things......but I hope you had the stones to take the FBT this morning......and then we had an ideal setup and down she went.

Anonymous said...

ditto greger

James W said...

I love the political satire, it is so funny and we need a laugh every now and then.