Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So I got this phone call.....Would you like to go an watch the season opener????

The phone rang and it was Scott from UT calling, he asked if I would like to fly down to FLA for the NCAA baseball season opener and then fly over to Gainesville for the UT vs. UF basketball game on Saturday. Of course, I said ......HEY YEA DUDE. As I explained this to my loving wife that I was flying with the "boys" and watch some games, she said, "So, what is "this" going to cost". I replied, " Nothing my love". Then she thought for a moment and smiled and I said, "WHAT????" "Aren't they going to build a new baseball stadium at UT soon?" she asked. I replied by saying that I thought so and with a big smile she told me...."OK, let's see how free this trip is by next year and have a good time with the boys."

So off to the airport I went, wondering, but I went just the same. It took 59 minutes to fly to Tallahassee and only a few minutes to arrive at FSU where we were met with a representative to give us the 35 cent tour. First up was the tour of the football stadium, where Bobby Bowden is standing right out front and 20 feet tall. As those who spend time on this blog know that I have met Mr. Bowden and he is only about 5' 9" on a good day......but that's another story.

The hall inside the entrance just blew me away, 6 stories high with banners from all the sports at FSU, two heisman trophies, two national championships trophies and a host of other major awards from over the years. If you walked over to the left side of the room and looked up you saw the 1993 year they won the championship, but if you walked over the right side you saw the 1999 year in review......it was awesome.

Then the trip into the locker room, where on the end of each set of lockers were display cases holding the last jersey and helmets worn by the legends of the game....Sanders, Biletnikoff, Ward, Dunn, Weinke amoung others. The weight room, medical room and team meeting rooms are great but when we arrived in a room with several display cases.....there was all the rings from every bowl game they played in...including two championship rings.......we ended the tour with a visit out onto the field where dreams do come true.

Then we left for the baseball stadium and past by the cementary, at first I thought....WHAT the heck is this, WELL, when they beat a top 10 team on their turf, they bring back a piece of their turf and bury it..........now that was a interesting idea.

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