Monday, February 12, 2007

COME COME and get the "NEW" (Version 23 build 2183) of the CCI Document in order to trade the CCI correctly. Now this document has been created because of....well you know if you are a CCI soap opera follower....NOW, those newbies in the room can't look at, talk about, email to friends or have any further contact or mention of the old doc done by Jeff........but if you need to read can still find it here.
Not that I trade naked.....BUT...ROTFL!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and if you request the new document, PFG keeps you asking for a brokerage account.
Guess who gets the $$$$$

Anonymous said...

Did Woodie really say that you can't talk about or mention the original CCI document? That document helped me figure out what his trading system actually was. I was in that room for over 7 months and couldn't figure everything out. That is the document that explained it all to me in detail. Does woodie just want PFG cash-back deals? That new document is very limited and not all that usefull.

Vas said...

Actually that NQoos web site (trading naked) beside woodie's garbage has a tonns and tonns of very usefull info.Even though few years back I had some unimportant issues,arguing with Nqoos regarding posting on his Yahoo club site and some his statements,I must admit he has a very valuable collection of diff. articles,trading methods etc.
One wish it was organized more logical.