Friday, February 09, 2007

Woodies CCI Club and nothing more!!!!!

Woodie lands in the hospital and all of a sudden there is this idea...the 100 Club. A simple idea, you know trade 100 contracts for 100 years. Proceeds go to charity and yada yada yada yada. Now when I talked about this at the Vegas Conference back in December of 2003, while being one of the "insiders" that everyone thought I was WELL, all hell broke loose. I was beat to a pulp, bitched at and harped on ......that was when I started thinking....WHY???

But there it entity that would be traded for charity by members of the club. Remember Kate, Bonnie and JenAnn well where are they now....just doing laundry I guess.

I have never thought much about dividing people into groups...the have and the have reality the haves with pm the have not in other chatting service so this idea wouldn't really work.

Not being able to mirror the monkey trade maybe not be a bad thing...WHY?

I don't know about you...but a $11,000 intra day drawdown just doesn't sit well with me.....and to make 13 buck on a average trade seems to have a lot of risk just to make enough money to buy a roast beef, fries and a shake at Arby.....of course, there is a little thing called commissions...but who cares about that.

But the most interesting thing is the max intraday drawdown is $11,065.00 and the account size required to trade is what.........$11,065.00.
Now I might be smoking something that other folks don't enjoy but back where I come just folded your hand at the Texas Hold'n table.

But wait ....Baghdad Bob just made an announcement......we'll change the rules at any time and for any reason and who gives a rats.........what you think!!!!

But somewhere along the day in and day out seems all hell broke loose over this and the "100Club-b-gone" key was used yet again....along with the "TW-b-gone" key and Woodie did the same drill as he did when he kicked DrBob, Gio, JeanYus, Dax, Kiwi, the list of old friends is endless at times......some things stay continue to change and some things just stay the same.........


Ziggy Stardust said...

And a $100 idea low and behold becomes a $600 idea paid up front with no refunds thank you very much. And where was the extra $500 going? Guess!

Dennis you are a little late on the uptake with this particular scam. I thought you would post this in your blog a MONTH ago!

The reason it was ditched was because one ex-moderator who also was a SEC lawyer exposed this for what it was. Tony had to return all the money he collected or get in a boatload of trouble.

And this is also why a pile of moderators quit. They got tired of having this sort of crap shoved down their throats. They were told all the moderators were to go to the $600 room and they were going to close up the free room. No email, no phone call, no morning Woodie announced that this was to be it.

So now you know the sordid little secret. But wait there is more!

Woodie always said don't trade the ES, no range....and what vehicle were they trading? ES! Now tell me what logic was behind this? We were told that ES was the only contract liquid enough to trade this. That makes no sense at all to me. To you?

Anonymous said...

Woodie was foaming at the mouth, by stating after the fact, that this trade was called.
He called it the GB100, trend line break. What a liar, and he fooled about 400 newbies in his basic
chat room, and then he ran around to all the other rooms foaming that he had made 70 ticks and what have you all been doing. And then , he started bad mouthing the other rooms as losers. What a liar, and a moron.

Here is the data, typed up the best I could.

02/09/2007 open high low close cci
11.40 816.90 816.00 816.90 -33.76
11:45 817.20 816.70 816.90 30.22
11:50 817.40 816.80 817.30 73.78
11:55 817.60 817.00 817.40 108.39
12.00 817.50 816.80 817.00 73.48 Called GB 100 trade after the fact, trend line break.
12:05 817.20 816.40 817.20 44.27 Took credit for entry on the GB 100 close price
12:10 817.20 816.40 817.20 44.93 Note uptick on cci, plus 6 cci bars above zero, negates GB 100 plus possibility of a zlr, caused many to close their postitions for - 2 ticks at least.
12:15 816.90 816.40 816.70 -18.73 Note this is the 7 th bar, but 6 bars were above zero, meaning there cannot be a gb100, as that pattern requires it must decline before 6 positive bars print !

If this was a true gb100, I would be cheering, but his lying about it, has totally turned me off.

I am unable to post a chart and do not know how, nor would I be allowed to post in this blog, maybe you can post one with the count showing. This was obviously a er2 5 minute chart. Check it out and draw your own conclusions.

Keep up the good work.