Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Woodies CCI Club makes it to Wikipedia ...congrads!!

Oh you have to click on the picture and read about the Commodity Channel Index indicator which is called the "CCI" for short. There is also a link to the Tucker Report for more detail about this magic indicator. Under the "Usage in the Financial Marketplace" is the funny thing I have seen this week......

Never thought of the WoodiesCCIClub just being some kinda of feeder program for a major brokerage house, but if you think about you can't have the word FEEDER without these letters E-F-R......which also can be used for the word FREE. I guess it doesn make some sense then, Traders helping Traders was just a great marketing slogan, and there will be better trades down the road, was a way so those losers felt better.

When the Woodstack talks about 29 years of trading and research, you would have to think he would have something to show for it, other then 4 monitors (we bought for him), a projector, a protractor and a hot tub in the back yard....you would think????


Anonymous said...

When your income is from a government disability check and not trading, the normal perks you would expect are harder to come by. The whole CCI indicator crap is a self made effigy to a man who is so desperate for attention he has plagiarized Martin Pring’s work to no end. Does this guy really think we believe his BS? What an egomaniac.

Anonymous said...

Plagiarism fueled by bashing other educators by Woodie really shows just how little class this conman has. He tells the lie over and over and over again. It’s like he over compensates for the guilty conscience of ripping off Martin Prings work. I looked through Prings material,… Yes the plagiarism is very clear.

I sat in Woodies room for about three months during the same time I was taking a course with R.S of Houston, owned by Ron Schoemmell and Valdi Thorkelsson. I got so sick of hearing Woodie bash them and call them crooks and shysters. Well it looks like Ron Schoemmell and Valdi Thorkelsson are getting the last laugh as this fraud Ken Wood is exposed.

Anonymous said...

Yes , I totally agree hearing him bash RS of Houston really gets old.
If I was either one of those two guys, I'd be looking up where Ken Wood lives. Maybe if he gets a taste of his own criticism he'll be more careful to dish it out.