Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Remember the letter from eSignal........well

Just Traders helping Traders......WOW what a great sound that makes.....just out there helping you folks, because I were there, I knows what it was like so that is why I am just helping. Lighting your candle ain't going to take any light from me.....and on and on......

eSignal has what it calls a Partner Program, and as part of the program guess what? You get to speak at the Trader's Expo and you get to hang out at the booth and you also get to post a link on your website so your folks can just sign up.......

Here is what it cost when you signed up for that special credit to the MAW Account...
eSignal Partner Program
The eSignal Partner Program is designed to allow eSignal to work in tandem with our partners to offer full-scale trading solutions to our mutual clients.

Partner Registration Site
eSignal has developed a special registration for its partners that tracks each subscriber by partner, so you no longer have to worry about reporting leads to eSignal. Every quarter, eSignal will run a report to show which of your clients have started eSignal, which have stayed beyond 30 days and which have canceled.

Customer Offer
eSignal has created a special offer for you to offer to your clients that come through your site to the Partner Registration Site. The special offer may vary from time to time but each offer will be available for at least 90 days. The current $100 off offer ends June 31, 2004 and appears as a credit on the subscriber’s account as $50 per month for 2 months. The offer should be promoted on your website and through email into your base.

eSignal Subscriptions
eSignal offers two “Friends of eSignal” accounts to all its partners. For just $25 per month (plus exchange fees for real-time data), eSignal partners will receive a subscription to eSignal.

eSignal will place the partner logo on the eSignal website at From time to time, eSignal will promote this site and its partners in print advertising, the Exchange (electronic newsletter) or email. eSignal requires that the partner promote eSignal and the Customer Offer on its site with a link to the Partner Registration Site. Additionally, the Customer Offer must be promoted on a regular basis to your clients through email.

One-Time Partner Payment
eSignal offers a one-time payment to all its partners for all “new subscribers” that come through the Partner Registration Site. A $50 fee will be paid on all monthly eSignal, eSignal Premier, and eSignal Platinum, $100 will be awarded for all annual subscriptions.

The term “new subscribers” refers to anyone who is not already an active eSignal subscriber. A subscriber must stay on for at least 30 days before the payment will be awarded. Payments are reported and paid on a quarterly basis.


Anonymous said...

This is known as an "affiliate program" or "partner program" and almost every online merchant has one.

Just take a look in the global page footers or sitemaps of your favorite online retailers and service providers.

Take Amazon, for example--check the footer or the site map; most will have affiliate or partner programs offering a decent enough commission to make it worth the while of any marketer who knows what they're doing and can afford to put in the necessary resources to promote. These retailers don't always make it apparent, but anyone who knows anything about affiliate marketing knows where to look.

That said, it's pretty scummy to represent one's for-profit marketing as philanthropy.

Yuck, I think I need a shower now.


Anonymous said...


So if we put 2 and 2 together does this mean that the $50-100 Woodie got for each new sign-up was the money that went to MAW that he advertised on his website?

Because the lawyers over at Esignal said they did not make any donations for Woodie?

I just have one there any record of these small monthly donations?

Anonymous said...

31st June??? May be it was written 1st April!