Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hillary IS Considering Client 9 to be her Number 2

INTERCOURSE,PA – According to an anonymous source, Senator Hillary Clinton is considering Eliot ‘Start spreading…New York, New York’ Spitzer to be her Vice Presidential running mate, if she wins the Democratic Party presidential nomination. “If the floppy eared other guy thinks he’s too good to be number two, then I’m sure this floppy eared one will jump at the chance,” said the source.

It’s expected that Spitzer will be able to draw an untapped voting constituency, namely, hookers, johns and Larry Flynt wannabees. The other benefit, the ever calculating Clinton machine sees, is that with her as President, it keeps Bill out of the picture. Said a Clinton aide, “who, better than Eliot, to keep Bill company as they howl, '…These vagabond shoes…Are longing to stray...’ around the Washington hot spots”? “If the women of Washington think they know what earmarks are, they haven’t seen anything yet,” he added.

When asked to comment, Senator Obama said, “The notion that I have any interest in Senator Clinton’s plans is wrong, my only withdrawal interest is Iraq.”

While, Senator McCain, said, “My friends, I can’t comment anymore than to tell you my experience is strictly in Foreign Relations.”

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