Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wall of Fame is no more....

Someone has hit the that famous, YOU ARE OUT OF HERE...and DAMN BE GONE key again. The Hall of Fame has become just a hallway leading to the emergency exits since so many have been seen running for the exits these days. The list of who's who is now down to who cares....and don't mention my name. Even Susan Drummond is gone, you remember (cash at the door) Susan, you remember Susan crying next to Woodie as he spoke about the candle, you remember Susan, she was the one that signed all the contracts, made arrangements in Woodies name thinking that the money was going to MAW and not knowing it went over the pond. That must have been why Susan has run to an attorney to talk about "ANY PROBLEMS". Glad she isn't talking to the ones that Wood uses.

IT wouldn't be long before all the work that these folks have done over the years will be deleted off the website and all that will be left is PFG. Tony, Woodie and Neil standing together right up to the end. In the last post about Dan, there was a comment that read:

The NFA Compliance Rules 2-3 states that "The Members and Associates shall observer high standards of commercial honor, and just and equitable principles of trade in the conduct of their commodity future business”

Even a blind squrriel from Alabama could see there might be something wrong, something that doesn't smell quite right, something that doesn't add up, something that you might need to step back from, just in case, this thing actually blows up........

But greed makes funny bed fellows at times....so stay tuned!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well Dennis you were right about the moderators leaving. I read your blog post a couple months back and yes it all came tumbling down. Anything built on a lie will not last, it will crumble and back fire. However I see the Ken Wood web site is still up. I would have thought the PFG flea-bags would have come to their senses and brought in Rebecca Wing the legal council to Wasdendorf Sr. and bring resloution to this crap? Humm, Neil you might want to step outside and have another cigarette and think this one over, as this story only has one ending.

Pull the plug NOW.

By your continued support of Ken Wood, it has become obvious that character is something sadly lacking at PFG. It appears that money is what really motivates your brokerage. Forget ethical behavior and honesty, your behavior as a brokerage is so far from what is right it’s pathetic. I’ve never seen such a shallower group of jerks. You guys are low life scum.

When people can’t hear the cries of injustice, it’s time to speak a language that you really can understand.

MONEY – MONEY – MONEY … or lack thereof?

Maybe this is something you’ll understand as I have an idea on how to speak your language.

I have taken it upon myself to buy a copy of each one of the PFG books published by W&A Publishing (owned by Wasendorf / PFG) I am making a “FREE” pdf file of each of your books, oh yes “TRADERS HELPING TRADERS” is the motto. Oh and, I’m including all those authors who have chosen to go with your publishing company, I will be placing each of their books along with all of the PFG books on all the Peer-2-Peer file sharing networks out there. Isn’t the internet wonderful? It has a way of really leveling the playing field doesn’t it? No one will have to pay a dime to read any those books every again. Anything PFG every published or the material of anybody who uses your publishing company will become FREE. Wow … what a fun project! And you can thank Ken Wood of the Woodies CCI Club.

Do you like losing money?
How does that feel?

You will see all the published material by PFG for free on Kazaa, Morpheus, motzilla, emule, Lime wire, Gnutella, Freenet, Rshare, Zultrax, Proxyshare, to name a few. I’m hitting them all. When I get done your deeds will be known far and wide. I can hardly wait!

Oh and so you’ll know its me,.. I will be taking the time to replace the covers of your books with a new cover. I think you’ll be impressed with some of the ideas I have come up with. I’ve already started on Carolyn Boroden.. Without her clothes she looks pretty hot. Oh,...and I didn’t know Robert Miner was gay?, but hey, look at the pictures he looks gay to me… ROFLMAO

Furthermore on behalf of the families who have needlessly suffered at PFG's hand I’m saving my best work for the bastards who really deserve it. I hope Wasendorf Sr. is not shy about being getting really close and intimate with Ken Wood. I hope to have a test run ready soon, as I’ll be mailing it to all the brokers in the United States particular those in Chicago. I’m sure once they find out what flavor you like, you be the popular man with the village people.

Then you can ask yourself was hurting innocent people really worth the money?


Anonymous said...

Nice work Dennis. Keep it coming. You're clearly having an impact.


Anonymous said...

Just checked the woodies site. Wasn't there a scheduled TAL in AZ sometime in April. Looks like the ship is sinking.

Anonymous said...

I was just on the WCCI website to register for the April TAL in AZ. There was no mention of the event. What happen? I just want to trade the patterns!

Anonymous said...

No you sillies. The TAL in AZ was already held in March.

Anonymous said...

Woodie said the trading stats for the er2 will no longer be posted because people are just copying the posted results from the forum site. Huh does that mean that very few people are able to achieve these results? I think people were emailing Woodie saying there not achieving these results.Plus hearing about all these mods not making money makes the Woodies method questionable at best.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, what did he mean "people are just copying the results?" Does that mean: "people trading the CCI just getting the same results in their trading therefore there is no need to post the numbers?" If that is the case then he HAS to be joking. I've NEVER met ANYONE that came remotely close to really getting those stats, believe me, I was one who did my own stats and followed the trading plan like a religious zealot.