Friday, March 14, 2008

The games they play at the Woodie CCI Club

Ever since Woodie and his crew of merry men started sneaking around all the password protected chat rooms in, we have been watching and logging all the games these brown shirts have been up to. Now I would never say we know it all, after all they used puppets, fake ID's, change there ID's, change the IP's and on and on....
But early this morning, I started to receive emails from folks about the great news, it seems that Ken Wood has suddenly found all the MAW receipts just laying around his desk from the past 5 years. Someone even said that around 10:30am this morning while the market was going into hell from the BSC news Woodie was proudly talking about how "we have now with help of lawyers and pfg" found these Make-a-Wish documents. Which makes me think, usually Woodie doesn't type that much, since it is archived in the Way Back Machine for a million years and someone might not want it recorded that way.....if you know what I mean. So, that is a little out of the norm.

But one has to think, if I actually gave money to a charity, for whatever reason, personally or from business activity would I have included them on a income tax return? Before Woodie formed the Woodies CCI Club, LLC in Arizona and turned this into a for profit business...a feeder business model for a brokerage house according to Wikipedia......check it out...

His whole idea-r was to just help traders by doing these Trade-a-Longs and whatever was left over he would just give to know just Traders helping Traders and all. So if....let's say, he did one in Chicago and a broker paid for the expenses and he stayed at a friends house and the attendees bought him breakfast, lunch and dinner and there were like 54 people there paying 295 in cash at the door.....WELL, he would have a airplane ticket to be refunded for and maybe a couple packs of cum and......and.......guess that would be about it. So with the $15,000.00 left over give or that (no pund intended) you could do a couple of things.....
1. Deposit the money in your personal bank account since it wasn't a business then write a check to Make-a-Wish for the net amount and deduct it off your taxes. Keep the receipt from MAW with your 2004 return, in case of a audit. Since you might already be deducting part of the house expenses and travel since you have been trading for 39 years from home.

2.Deposit the money in "another" account and use it to promote your business and consider it income (maybe a speaking fee)from putting up with those newbies and all their questions about what is the correct angle of the turbo and can we use the CCI set to 50 like DrBob and screw the kids.

3.Keep the cash from the Trade-a-Long and if anyone asks any questions just get that damn "YOU ARE OUT OF HERE" key ready, and BE-GONE and screw them all.

So that just makes me wonder, why do you need lawyers...I personally think you would just need your CPA to look under his desk to find the letters from Make-a-Wish about your donation. Now not the donations that people in the chat room made in your name, just the ones you made....RIGHT????

Which brings me It appears that someone, and it's not important who that is, right Woodie? Came into this blog at 1:32:56 this afternoon, and posted 5 comments within 40 minutes and logged back out at 15:02:27, of course, we can see where it came from and of course, we can tell what time the comments were posted and all that good stuff. Like we busted Jimsy, you remember Jimsy ...don't you Woodie. Where is he these days anyways, we kinda miss Bernice.

So yes, there is a posting on the Woodie CCI Club website now, that shows this grand...well 123 grand, in fact, so now we will contact all these charities and see if the letter are indeed correct. I know the one from Denver is correct, because we already did a blog update about that one a while back. Now the question is....are they real.......or is this just another one of Brittany stunts.....


Anonymous said...

This Woodie MAW scandal is now taking a turn for the sordid (Elliot Spitzer style) with the revelation that the Woodster may have had "a couple packs of cum" paid for out of the MAW paper bag cash stash? Glad I never went to a MAW. What the heck kind of freaky deaky creepy things are going on with the old man on the road?

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see FINALLY after all these YEARS....woodie and his lawyers finally decided it was time to account for all the Make-A-Wish donations.

Why he did not do this sooner, I have no idea? But glad to see it now.

Dang Dennis, guess all your blog writing finally brought him "out of the closet"

Anonymous said...

now I am confuse, so there were those donations after all?

Anonymous said...

Woodie is use the donation done by others to make himslf look good.

Take closer look and see how most of the documents are "Doctored"

It looks like a 6th grader did the doctoring, very sloppy.

Anonymous said...

Interesting - ther eseems to be something missing from the Woodie's post - they may have found the receipts, but WHEN were they donated? Something would suggest that there are some monies still in Woodie's ether. I supect we'll find out more as this unfolds as now we have a list provided by Woodie and sanctioned by his lawyers.
Dennis, thanks for persitently digging to separate the BS from the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis

I was on woodie's website this morning and it looks like all the MAW donations made by "Woodie's Club" are accounted for on his website so they will be ready when the IRS looks into all this for any tax liability they might have. I have the feeling that a pending tax audit is why they decided to COME CLEAN right now.

A colonoscopy is preferable to an IRS audit. UGH.

Anonymous said...

My posts are not being allowed on the Woodies CCI club forum so I’ll post here.

I have humbly asked Mr. Ken Wood aka Woodie to cooperate with the Arizona Attorney Generals office. They would be willing to act as a neutral third party to help bring closure to the alleged problems of misleading others. I had hoped Mr. Wood would bring closure to concerns raised by those who are asking for simple accountability. However I’m sad to say I have no response.

On a weekly basis Mr. Wood has promoted himself as having character and that all the other educators are shysters and crooks. He has proclaimed how he provides a free conference room while other educators charge money because they can’t trade, yet his room is free because he makes his living at trading. The inference here is that Mr. Wood is passing himself off as a professional guru who has character and can be trusted.

Mr. Wood has publicly stated he does not need to charge for his room and that he makes his living at trading futures. I realize many traders feel this is an outright lie.
There are traders who feel Ken Wood’s unorthodox way of trading is a simple gimmick to lure new trades into PFG’s marketing plan.

The problems come when if in fact Mr. Wood himself can not make his method work and the enticement is simple fraud and is not really a legitimate method. Many traders feel this misleading is not ethical behavior and Mr. Wood is abusing a position of trust. The damage is real and many are looking to seek resolution.

Many of us have visited web sites like Doug Tucker’s at
Mr. Tucker has done an eloquent job of revealing the problems associated with Woodies CCI and Ken Wood. Mr. Tucker is not alone as there is a long list of those who have left and they are not short on bad thing to say about Ken Wood aka Woodie, whether it be his method or the abuse of the position of trust.

If Mr. Wood would just step forward and clear these matters it would bring closure and remove the mistrust. This brings us to a very interesting situation as Mr. Wood’s silence on the matters at hand is raising tons of suspicions. By simply providing one year of trading statements along with his tax returns, this whole saga would be over in any instant. If he is actually the man he says he is he could shut everyone’s mouth in an instant.

If he is telling the truth, why does he allow the CCI club to be dragged through the mud?
His behavior is very selfish as it undermines the thousands of hours of work done by traders to build the CCI club. This is so disheartening especially when the resolution is so simple, simple if he has nothing to hide.

If he really cared about all the money he raise on behalf of MAW why does he allow the cloud of doubt to remain which hinder the efforts of many who felt this was a legit organization? His silence hurts the very children he purported to care about? This is unbelievably insensitive.

Why is this so hard for him and why take such a strong resistance to accountability if you are telling the truth? When did the truth become so unpopular? Ken Wood if you are the man you say you are, you could silence your critics instantly. Mr. Wood your actions are suspect you are giving creditability to those who feel you are untrustworthy.

You need to step to the plate and be the man you have led us to believe you are or pull the plug on the whole thing and shut it down. Richard_AZ