Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Sweet16 loving Dayton, OH.......

The Lady Vols have their own group of cheerleaders, pep band, support staff, trainers and we started off having the pep rally at the hotel just as soon as the team arrived.

The band, on the other hand, stand at another hotel but were at the arena when the Lady Vols pulled up......playing Rocky Top.

As the players filed off the bus, you can see that each player is carrying a pair of sneakers, these sneakers are only worn from the locker room to the floor and back and are never worn beyond that.

The cheerleaders, band and a couple hundred fans were at the arena waiting, cheering and singing......YES....ROCKY TOP!!!!

Marist had made the tournement not by having a great season, but by winning their conference. They then went on to know off two other teams to reach the Sweet16. But, by this time, they had also had two key players injured and were out for the rest of the season. So if had to face the number one seed, number three in the country, the quote, unquote, best player to ever play womens basketball, yada yada yada what would you do with your two best players out.....?????

Candice was playing with the Dean, one of the assistant coaches, before the game.....he never stopped her from scoring during the warmups....:)

Once the game got under way, well Marist had their hands full, with only 3 players on the bench...UT went into a run and shoot and started to pull away at about a point a minute.

If you don't keep your eyes and are not focused on what is at hand....just like trading, well someone is going to steal that ball and go the other way......all day.

Even with a 20 point lead before half time, there was no joy from "The Coach", why.....because it wasn't about this game....it was getting ready for the final four

Smoky that travels with the Lady Vols also does the roll me down the floor routine with the male cheerleaders as the UT fans cheer him on....

The arena again was about 40% UT fans.....and they got really loud at half time as UT was able to obtain a 20 point lead.

So how does the shortest player to ever play basketball at UT make it past 3 of Marist players on the way to a lay up.......HOW!!!!!

And what do you do, when you see this coming at you........you are trying to shoot for two......and up in the air goes Candice with her hand high in the air.....well you just pray you don't get it back in your face I guess.....by the way, the older fellow in the lower right hand corner is the band director........I thought it was George Carin brother...........ROTFL.

SO they we are driving like a bat out of hell, (those who have ridden with me can...tell ya) and we see a traffic accident up ahead......as we slow down and merge into a single file......there was a lady from FLA on the side of the road with a flat tire, we could tell she had some medical issues........so I looked at the boss and she looked back at me, and we pull over and changed her tire. It's nice to help others .........and it easier if you just got to the Elite8 also.....ROTFL.

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