Sunday, April 08, 2007

NCAA Women's bracket we go!!!

The night the selection was announced for the seeds in the upcoming NCAA Women's Basketball Tournement found the team over a Pat's house, looking like a group of girls, sounding like a group of young ladies just hanging out.

Talking and busting on each other along with the assistant coaches and different memebers of the staff along with Ms. Basketball herself.

Then the show started on the boob tube and a little concern began to develop as last year instead of being a top seed in a region, UT was a second seed and of course that meant a harder road to the final four. So this year, all eyes were on, not if, but where UT would be seeded.

Once it was announced that UT would be a number one seed this year, the pressure was off and everyone started to relax....well at least for the moment.

The brackets were full and everyone knew the chore ahead, but at least in the view of UT, it was a more level playing field this year. With LSU coming in with a third seed, Vandy and Maryland being ranked second. They knew the Connecticut wasn't the Connecticut of the past and someone could knock off either Duke with they attacked Bales. So the first round is set.....and it's off to Pittsburgh.

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