Friday, April 06, 2007

SEC tournement DAY 2

The day started off with the same drill...out to the bus...wait for the team....drvie to the arena for a shoot around.....yada yada yada....but this day would end up not being a good day on Rocky Top.

A closed session practice that morning was something, as the place was dead quiet, no one was around except the team, staff and some security guards...NO ONE!!

Would you believe that there are places that some people just can't go.....but that's ok, I went around the arena looking for ice cream.

Some may think that Candice is treated different from the other players, well you watch to much TV for starters.....she has to do the same drills as everyone else does. Most of the time, she is the one out their leading the others

This team travels with ringers, they are assistants that study the other team down to their socks and with the help of the assistant coaches then work on what the coaching staff believes with be the key parts of the game. How do they box out people, how do they setup a drive into the paint and so on. The lady with her hands over her heads will work the knots out and make you feel like a rubber band on a moments notice.

Once the team arrived back at the hotel it was time for a couple of hours down time, then the pre-game meal. My favorite part of the day, in fact, and I'm telling you these girls can eat.

After the pre-game meal it was back to the arena for a warm ups and then the game, both team looked ready to do battle......

To me, one of the funniest thing I saw during the SEC tournements were these two signs, there were so many fans from UT it wasn't funny.....but someone actually made up signs that said...."Help, I'm surrounded by ORANGE." and "Rescue me from Rocky Top".....that is what happens when you buy tickets in the wrong sections....ROTFL

The cheerleaders were pumped up as the band started to play Rocky Top....a few second later the team came running out onto the floor in single file. The house was we sung Rocky Top

After the team comes out and start to run their final drills...both coaches met at half court....interesting this would be the last picture of the LSU (YES, I have had sex with players) coach before she resigned.

As the game started the fans where into it, but soon they would become concerned. As the game turned into a Candice against Fowler show........and...

Candice was unable to get past Fowler most of the game, which meant the other players could kept Sidney and Shanna at bay on those three points.....

The same question kept coming up all do you stop Fowler under the basket since she took Candice out of the game early....HOW?

Fowler, who is about 4 inches taller then I am...and scares me stayed under the basket to attack anyone that went to come into the paint. She was hot on that lonely cold night in Georgia.......

Even with the best cheerleader that EVER came out of UT-Martin, it was a little to late as the game ticked closer and closer to the final buzzer.

In the end, Fowler was just to much for the Lady Vols and LSU stopped the run thru the tournement. It was just time to pack your bags and head back to the farm for another year. LSU ended up losing against Vandy in the final game.....oh well.

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