Monday, April 30, 2007

Let's go on a cruise.....and get some sun..and drink

My daughter and her sidekick decided to take some time off and invite his brother along on a cruise for a week.....Now, one thing I see that is wrong with this picture is they wanted to get a tan with float around the Gulf of Mexico. So what is up with the shirt guys????

The best story from their adventure was when the boys went for a swim....but before they got in the water the lady in charge....HEY, no problem but there are fish that will be bigger then you guys. They will just swim need to panic they wouldn't harm you.......easy to say right...

It's one thing to say that and understand it, but it's another when you are swimming and up comes a fish the size of my mother in law. Seem Jackson started to swim like he was going to lunch for Charlie the Tuna......

Oh yea, did I mention that they were drinking for 7 straight days...and nights....and afternoon....before dinner...after least they had the right T-shirt on most of the time....:)

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