Monday, October 01, 2007

WOW, what a day

The three day Educational Workshop in the mountains of Tennessee ended today....most know I can easily talk for three straight days about trading to say the least. As night falls over the mountains, with a bum left knee, a stiff back, one sore left eye and a shot voice.......all I can say is HOLY CRAP BATMAN.

I will be writing about it, from my view point over the next week or so....after I got some sleep and spend a lot of time in the hot tub. But there were some amazing moment over the past three days and the great people who traveled here to let me share some ideas about trading with them.

Now is not the time to talk about some things, but the way everyone treated my wife who at the present time is having chemo treatment for breast cancer was just overwhelming to all of us....and we appreciate the effort everyone cleaning up after it was over to helping setup the lunch buffet while my daughter took her for her treatment today.....

I hope out of all this, comes a new approach for us who trade in this lonely world of chasing our dreams will surface. With no hidden agenda, just buds getting together to share stories, ideas and become a trading community.....won't that be great??????


Jim Hartley said...

Thanks very much.....what a fantastic workshop !!

drbob said...

Dennis and all of your family,

Let me be the first to say thank you for an extraordinary weekend of hospitality, charitable giving and education.

The way you opened up your home and personal life to 74 somewhat strangers from all over the world speaks volumes to the type of person that you are. As I personally witnessed amongst the community, your employees and your lovely family, this was not a show put on for all of us. This is the way you conduct yourself on a day-to-day basis. Kudos!

The amount of charitable giving that was generated by your concept of anonymous donations will be exceptional I am sure.

I unfortunately had to leave early and missed the live trading, but as I sit here in my office reviewing today’s charts and knowing precisely what you showed us all over the weekend, you had a fantastic day trading! It was exactly as you called it over the weekend and I can’t wait to hear the final tally.

Your home is exquisite and an amazing feat of engineering and design. It was a privilege to be afforded the ability to tour your house at will while your lovely family attended to us. I just can’t say enough how moving that all was with everything going on in your lives.

You are blessed Dennis and I am honored to have had the opportunity to be your guest for a couple of days.

Thank you again,


yanchen said...

Thanks so much for everything Dennis. It is an eye opening workshop. Best wishes to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

After reading Drbob's comments all I can say is ditto. That is a big house, but the owner's hart is even bigger. The best to you and your family. Thank you again...and when can we come back, lol?


Anonymous said...

What a great experience. First class education, with no BS. First class setting. First class hosts. And, trading was so much more relaxed today (not to mention profitable!). I can't thank you enough.


Butch Welch said...

Dennis, and family

It was an honor to be in your presents and to see the example you set for sharing. Not only of your time, but with your family at a time most would would have just said "I cancel and can not go on due to family issues." Our prays go out for your wife and family.

Action's speak volumes over words. I can not begin to express in words my thankfulness for being able to attend such a rewarding gathering.

I have been to many conferences of all types, but non more rewarding. The fruits of your labor will continue to be blessed.

Thank you for an exceptional learning experience in how to share. That is my nugget from the weekend.


Tiger2 said...


Our 12 hour drive back home to Ocala was spent reviewing the three day experience over and over. Wow! What a blast! Your willingness and ability to share with us the psychology, Money Management and technical trading methods you use will have a positive financial impact on many of us and our families for perhaps generations.

What we saw on Monday's open was you practicing what you preached Saturday. Perhaps the strongest lesson, one that could not be duplicated was witnessing you keeping cool, positive, and stepping up to the plate time and time again. 'gotta love TradeStation most days, but not all days.

I know that you anticipated that Monday could be a big up-trend day several weeks ago when you scheduled the workshop. No doubt, you sacrificed $ 100,000. or more in trading profits by having us in the house. Thank you for that sacrifice.

It was a rare priviledge to meet with so many other traders who arrived in Gatlinburg with such "positive expectancy". We were not disappointed. I look forward to growing the new friendships I made this weekend.

Experiencing your hospitality and and observing your local charitable activity has challenged us to go home and step our own participation up a bit.

Please thank your family for pulling this event off for us even at this busy time in your lives.

The house is amazing.

Please let me know when the next Shark Race is. I don't want to miss it! Maybe you and I can go down to the river and I'll share some shark racing secrets.

The Gator fans in the crowd thought you handled the ribbing pretty well. Perhaps we'll continue since you are such the good sport. (eh Larry?)

It was an honor and priveledge to have attended. Thank you again.

Virgil Kapp

Anonymous said...


I just got back home and I still have the workshop ringing in my head, but the part that rings the loudest is how kind you and your family was. Thank you!!!


bub said...

Damn, I just got home and with all the incredible comments already posted.... I got nothing.

Except to say THANK YOU Dennis! Truly an incredible experience. And best wishes for your wife.

Time to unpack "My Nugget".