Monday, August 04, 2008

What does a man gain????

Well the deal was for the workshop, a simple one, I would set it up, get the tables and chairs, overhead projectors, do a 7 power points, print out the manual, and for three days talk about my favorite subject in life, besides my family.....and I would even trade live with real money on Monday to back up my views of how to trade.

If you wanted to come, well, your part was to just stroke a check to one of my three local charities after they spoke to you on Monday before the trading started. You could write a check to one, or to two, or to all three charities if you like and I didn't care how much you gave because you were suppose to give from your heart.

Well, 77 people showed up along with their wives and kids and we had a great time on Saturday night listening to the hillbilly band play and eatin Bar-B-Que ribs...Even better then that...88 people viewed the workshop from all around the world because they couldn't come here.

Of the 88 people, I allowed one person to volunteer his time to the Boys and Girls Club this summer and help them since he was tight on funds. Traders helping Traders, remember that's a great one for sure. This wasn't about me trying to make money off attendees, shoot the indicators were in the book and open code for the programmer junkies out there.....

We raised over $86,000.00 during the three days and that has still blown me away, but the fellow that offered to volunteer, well he never came thru. You can click on the picture to read the email if you like.....but what does a man gain if he loses his word.........and the word was for the children. Remember, that HE said, when you do to the least of them, you have done it in my name, or something close to that.

I only hope Jimmy find his's a long road at times.


Lee said...!

Phil said...

I hope Jimmy gets it together and makes good on his promise. This business is hard enough without guilt being added to the pile of reasons not to succeed.

Kat. Carroll, Nutrional Therapy Practitioner said...

We really appreciate your mentoring Dennis- also the platform of paying your charities vs. you.

It's frankly so unusual, it's just refreshing! A great idea I'm sure many of us that teach/give in our own hometowns will emulate.