Monday, August 25, 2008

Well dang it anyways.......

I have given the list of several stocks that I will be using for the up coming workshop from three different sources and have posted it. Well, today was not a good one for the whole some didn't have the base system setup that I will be talking about and showing just how with some simple rules that anyone can make a few bucks. But the whole list took it on the chin today.

Which brings us to the trade management ideas for the workshop, we will be using several different styles of managing the trade. Each with rules, so no smoke and mirrors for this kid. I personally like to take some off at the certain point, and it doesn't matter if it's in the index futures, stocks, options or even corn. But we will look at each of them, case by case.

The educational workshop is about half full at this point, and if you want to come, well it's freeeeeeeeeee, first of all. In fact, I'll even print out the manual, feed ya lunch and so on. All you are required to do is bring an open mind, park the ego, and make a donation directly to one of three local charities or all three if you like, in the amount that you feel, in your heart, is the proper amount.

Oktoberfest is the night before the workshop, and you can go and purchase tickets directly from the United Way if you want at now they are going to update the website and provide a paypal link or something soon.....and correct the date to the 3rd.


Matthew Leon said...

Will you be putting it online, with the donation link like you have done in the past?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if OleMickey is still trading? I used to run across him on various boards, haven't seen him around in a long time.