Thursday, August 21, 2008

Next up.....FFBC......

Yesterday, I posted SGEN, with an entry area that we have not been able to trade down to, so we are not long this one on a trigger from the Base System.

Tonight we have as second stock of interest:
FIRST FINL BCP OH (NASDAQ:FFBC) First Financial Bancorp. (First Financial) is a bank holding company that engages in the business of commercial banking and other banking and banking-related activities through its wholly owned subsidiary, First Financial Bank, National Association. The range of banking services provided by First Financial to its customers includes commercial lending, real estate lending, consumer credit, credit card and other personal loan financing. In addition, First Financial offers deposit services that include interest-bearing and non-interest-bearing deposit accounts and time deposits. A range of trust and asset management services is also provided by First Financial. is monitoring FIRST FINL BCP OH (NASDAQ:FFBC) in real time and just received an alert that is crossing above its primary SqueezeTrigger Price, the price that a short squeeze can start in any stock. There are 4058600 shares that have been shorted at the volume weighted average SqueezeTrigger Price of $12.302. To access SqueezeTrigger Prices ahead of potential short squeezes beginning, visit

From January 2005 to July 2008, an aggregate amount of 37404588 shares of FFBC have been shorted for a total dollar value of $448,855,056.00. The FFBC SqueezeTrigger price of $12.302 is the volume weighted average price that all shorts are short in shares of FFBC. There is still approximately $50,083,124.00 of potential short covering in shares of FFBC. has built a massive database that collects, analyzes and publishes a proprietary SqueezeTrigger Price for each stock that has been shorted. The data has then been integrated into an automated trading platform which can be used to connect to a live online broker and automate your trading of short squeeze events. It is extremely powerful with lightening fast execution at a very low price. Both the trading software and SqueezeTrigger data feed are available at

So I will be watching for an entry down around the $12.00 area for a trigger to purchase some stock. The daily volume is around the 150 to 175k area so as with yesterday can't buy 500,000 shares and get in or back out gracefully. But that doesn't mean we can't use some basic money management skills and buy these stocks and build a balanced portfolio to swing trade or long term based on your goals.

I even see that IDC, or as we know it as eSignal is about to come up on my radar screen, maybe Monday.......funny stuff. This workshop should be fun as we explore other areas of trading along with the day stuff....

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