Sunday, August 24, 2008

The list of stock for the workshop........

With only 5 weeks before the workshop, I believe I need to step up the stock selection we will be taking a look at during the next educational workshop. So here is the list, and the first question should be....WELL, were did this list come from...outer space, your barber? Well, no I will be doing a research project from three sources, each have a good track record for picking stocks to buy. This research project will only be looking to purchase stocks and not to short them.

Going over their list, first thing I notice is GOOG, now GOOG might be a great stock but the darn thing is trading in the 500 bucks a share range. So if you have a 20k account you are screwed. The reason is, only a pure fool would take his 20k and buy just one stock, that is formula for disaster or a candiate for the RED BALL. And if he did, that would be about 40 shares and the cost of commissions would be high on a per share basis.

The second group has cheap stocks, under 10 bucks, so you could buy 100 or 200 shares and spread the joy around.

The third group is all over the place which is a way.

Anyways, here is the list of stocks that we can now go to our base system and see if we can start to buy a couple of them this week......stay tuned.

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